Preseason Celtics Game

What if our blocking ability is as good as the Panthers offensive line?

I generally agree, but these last few weeks uncovered the severe fragility of the limited roster. Going into the season, on paper with Miles and Cody, and an allegedly better Bouknight according to offseason observers, everyone seemingly happy and healthy brought that sliver of hope that Hornets Law allows before it crushes it.

Then Kai goes crazy, Miles goes Mad, Bouk can’t ever get right, Cody apparently lost his knee in a curse, Gordon is still Gordon. I feel like I’m watching the baseball episode of the Simpsons, where all the major league ringers suddenly get mysteriously knocked off one by one until only Homer is left to play.

Of course, unlike us, they actually won the championship.

Team picture, find your Hornet! I definitely see Kai and Miles.

Overreaction much?

Not at all considering they should have never been re-hired in the first place. That story alone could be a 30 for 30 on embarrassing team goings ons

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