Getting Blown Out by Boston thread

Not the best start tonight

This is very Dunlapian

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They just won two in a row that they should have easily lost. They absolutely can not win this game.

Our bench was buoyed by Kai and really went flat when he went out.

Bouk, on a night the starters are really stinking up the joint (minus Theo), is dragging the bench back. He looked flat out bad out there.

McGowans may be our best player on the court. PJ no-showed the first quarter but did some things in the second. Bouk, my God, drives to the baseline, shoots a little twisting hook that bounces off the side of the backboard. That’s Bouk in a nutshell.

We could easily be losing to the Celtics like this even if we were healthy. They’re an exceptional team right now.

Why am i watching this?

To watch Bryce, Kai (and the Bouknight train wreck). It’s actually kind of fun.

Plumlee is freaking Worthless on D. Where the Hell is Mark Williams. Jesus.


Yeah I’m waiting until Cliff plays Kai for 4 or 5 mins then I’m done

C’s have made Richards look like a total stiff so far tonite too.

Luke Kornet is a beast!


If 6 of your expected top 8 players are out for a game against the defending eastern conference champions in their house, is there really a game?

PJ and Oubre with an awesome -36, while Bryce and Kai only ones positive with +13 and +6. So of course Kai only played 7 minutes after playing awesome the last couple games.

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Geez, do they hit 160 by eog?

Can’t believe Noah Vonleh is still in the league

Any one know about Thor and Williams where they at any one know ?

All so Bouknight sucks bad no defense at all . I can’t think of any up side at all.
LAST Clifford has to be the worst coach in the league.

I mean…nothing Clifford was going to be able to do with that roster against Boston when they’re shooting like that.

Last year Top 4 scorers & playmakers, 6th man out. How did we score 105?

McGowans continues surprise. Saw some good and much needed play making with only Theo & Plumlee passing.

Bouknight shaking head, gotta show something to justify FO & coach love & pick up 4.5 million guarantee next year. Right now all can think, a waste going to cost us a Theo or McGowan, trade den first, or something else of value.


I’m 100% for Bryce overtaking Bouk’s spot on the depth chart. Bouk was sold to us as the best shooter in the draft, with highlights of his workouts nailing everything.

If he, at the bare minimum, could do nothing else but stand in the corner and hit 3’s, then that would be a worthwhile 11 pick. I’m just not seeing any good basketball awareness at all, despite his obvious skill set/physical tools. There’s definitely confidence issues, it almost seems he doesn’t believe he’s good enough to keep up.

Bryce has a better shot, is much more aggressive, is a better ball handler. He seems to be a much better candidate for investment in playing time and development long term. Bouk wouldn’t be the first person to not have his rookie option picked up, but unless he strings together a good couple weeks, hell even a couple games in a row, its looking more and more like he’ll be on the outside looking in.

I normally like to give a long leash to players to see how they can develop and overcome slow starts. But he’s averaging 17 minutes a game, shooting 23% from 3 and 33% overall. His true shooting percentage is in historically bad range, and you don’t want that if shooting was your most desired commodity out of college. Definitely in the danger zone.

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As I’ve said before, and to continue the sentiment from above posts: I cannot wait to get Bouknight out of Charlotte. And yes, at this point I’d rather see those minutes go to Bryce. Bryce at least has confidence and assertiveness. I saw that from Bryce in summer league. Yeah yeah, I know. It’s summer league, and you can’t draw a lot of conclusions from summer league. But Bryce played with confidence and was a guy who knows his basketball identity.

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