We need a Win vs Toronto

I feel like we always play terrible against Toronto

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Where’s Jeremy Lamb when you need him!

So. I bet I can guess how Bouk hurt his wrist.


Well…… here we go guys. This game will tell us a lot.

If he Blaked his wrist out of frustration Saturday, that’s seriously unwise.

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Ouch on Gordo going down like that. Really amazed he’s walking on that

Seems unsurprising

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Yep… especially if he was going to end up in some bigger trade.

What have I become?
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know
Goes away in the end

Well we’re playing like ass atm

A moment later…Turned that around quick

One thing I don’t understand, does Melo really get tired this quickly? He is a 21 year old, why is JB benching him when offense is needed?
Can someone explain?

Everything is very difficult offensively. They’re out of sorts, for us to win tonight someone is gonna have to start hitting some damn 3s. Oubre and Rozier need to step up period.

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Most players sit at some point at the end of the first. Completely normal… he can’t play the whole game.

We’re just out of it mentally for some reason. Gotta get over the hump

I still would like us to go after Boucher. He does everything we need and has high upside. I know I mentioned his name before and most disagreed with me… but I think it would be a low risk move. They don’t seem to love him there.

The wheels have come off

It’s weird, earlier in the season, we were starting terribly. Lately we’ve been better in the first 4-6 mins but fall off dramatically. And before the some of y’all start chirping, it’s well before we start subbing.

Boo birds at home…I think a move has to be made and I don’t like JBs body language from a coaching perspective. Yeah they’re up against it tonight but shit you gotta tighten up man.


We just don’t care… and that’s on JB.

I mean… we were right there with all the East teams a few weeks ago. Doesn’t make sense.

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Well I think I’ve seen enough! Night folks