We need a Win vs Toronto

Let’s get Kai Jones in the game…

If I’m JB and have been publicly lobbying for rim protection for 4 years and the best i get is Maaon assist-hunter Plumlee, I’d be apoplectic.

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I’d be up for any center that’s not Plumlee

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I really do think just keeping Biz would have been the better option. We can’t stop anyone inside. Its embarrassing… just play the young guys. Can’t do worse.

Nah, it is not like young guys need playing time to improve… Just ask JB if you don’t believe me.


I’ve never seen everyone go cold at once this is crazy

And for multiple games already at that.

Ice freaking cold

How many 3s have we airballed?


Too many :frowning:

I wish we could see Kai in the rotation.

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Anyone but Mason please. I’ll take Mike Giminski in his current state of shape over watching Mason try rack up more assists.


Cherry on top is he only has 1 assist, lol.

The defense was much better in the 2nd quarter. Effort is there. Ashley’s report from the sideline made me feel better about their psyche about what Borrego said to the team.

This is the argument for Sabonis or any kind of post presence that can score. Playing four out with Plumlee is fine for the 2nd unit but Toronto is playing very smart. They are playing Plumlee to pass and not score, and with their length that causes real problems.

PJ has a decent post game and they need to get his ass on the block along with Miles and start punishing these long but light in the ass guys Toronto loves. Forces the doubles and play ball off of that - but I wouldn’t double a soul if I’m Toronto with this lead.

I just don’t get it… stop being so stubborn JB…. Give Kai burn. Who cares if he messes up. Everyone on this team messes up.

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So I’m guessing Kai Jones is the new young guy people are pissed hasn’t gotten pt? I thought it was kinda agreed upon by everyone he’d spend a year or two in the g-league.

I definitely think he should get some burn at times but I wouldn’t be pounding the table over it.

If the team comes out flat out the gate in the third I would put him in to reward him for his good play in Greensboro and see if he gives a spark. But again I wouldn’t riot if he isn’t


There are low percentage shots, he has these games where he is the purveyor of the lowest percentage passes. And they end as well as one would expect.

So glad he’s not fully guaranteed next year

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Or is that a coach who’s lost the locker rooms last roll of the dice?

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I seriously doubt he’s lost the locker room. He’s lost half his rotation to injury.

Ball on the receiving end of an oop is so much fun.

And Mason actually shot the ball 2 feet from the rim. That’s huge if it holds up in the second.

Don’t do this to me

They got some life coming out of the break, they’re going to have to be smart to get through the rest of the game with a reduced rotation.

I don’t think he’s lost them - we’ve seen lost teams here (7-59 Bobcats) there is just some real frustration and sometimes you have that tipping point. That 2nd quarter may have been it we’ll see

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