2021-22 Hornets Season Thread

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Really good to see. Now let’s have Ball get it this week.

question: how was lamelo scouted as someone who can’t shoot. he has been very consistent from 3 pt and beyond since day 1. i kept expecting a dropoff but i am fairly confident in saying he can shoot. he can shoot from set or off the dribble.

where he has shown a need for improvement is anything inside the arc that isn’t a floater. but that is the state of basketball right now so it really isn’t a huge deal.


I think that pre-draft intel had to be due to his unorthodox form. But yes, the results are in and he can in fact shoot.

I wouldn’t have called him a great shooter last year, but he was certainly solid and definitely better than advertised. But the improvement from last year to this has been remarkable.

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Biggest improvement he can make this year imo is he needs to start going into contact when he takes he layups rather than away from it


agreed, that is a learned skill and i suspect as his body matures into his 20’s he will develop that. i have to keep reminding myself he is only 8 years older than my 11 year old daughter

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To any folks who like ben simmons or want him on this basketball team (or any basketball team you like for any matter). Teams aren’t lining up to get Ben Simmons right now, not because he’s immature or making too much money. It’s the following.

In case you didn’t watch the Celtics/Hornets game last night, in a tight game with less than 2 minutes left in the 4th Boston intentionally fouled Plumlee. He proceeded to absolutely brick those two free throws and looked hopeless at the free throw line. Plumlee is a sizzling 27% from the line this season and is a career 56% FT shooter. Boston absolutely targeted him for the quick fouls in a game the Hornets blew in OT. I think we had an 8 point lead with 4 minutes left?

Let’s look at Simmons. He’s a career 59% FT shooter. And 52% career FT% in his playoff career.

He shot 15-for-45 (33%) on foul shots against Atlanta and 34.2% from the line for the 2021 playoffs overall, accounting for the worst free throw percentage in NBA playoff history for a player with at least 70 attempt.

4 games into the season, it’s obvious that the team cannot and should not close games with Plumlee on the floor because he’s an instant liability. Considering this, how does it make sense to pay Ben Simmons 35+ million dollars a year if he’s a liability and can’t close games. The last year of his contract 2024/25 he’s making a guaranteed 40 million.

I’ve had this stance on Simmons for years now and is not new. I do not like guards and important rotation players who cannot shoot from the charity stripe. They do not deserve these crazy contracts. Guys like Ben Simmons will absolutely work in particular systems, but it’s a headache and nightmare to build around these players.

I’m sorry for the rant, but I’m just so tired of hearing Ben Simmons name on sports talk, the internet, forums, tv, etc.


If you’re missing the Hornets today Zach Lowe talked about us on his podcast today for awhile.

Thought he was interesting he said that a GM of one of the top teams in the league said that older teams will hate having to play Charlotte


Unrelated: new dunk contest: 2 on 2 basketball. Only dunks count for points.

40 point score: 20 based on style points. 20 based on score. (First to score 20 gets 20. Other team gets the points they scored.)

AirBnB. Let’s go.

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Not meaning to get off topic but do any of you know where I can watch Greensboro Swarm games? Will they be on Youtube live or for that matter will they show the whole games after they have taken place?

Either that or will Youtube only show highlights like they do NBA games?

“killing people with PJ Washington at center.” :eyes:

Not my words.

i just typed the same thing about plumlee on the other thread.

simmons contract is a such a huge problem for not being able to play him in tight games down the stretch.

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Thanks for the feedback in regards to where I can watch G-League games. I really do appreciate it.

I think they play on Facebook live sometimes

Sorry, man. I did look yesterday. Just didn’t find anything.

If true that’s not a good look.

Thanks for trying y’all. I aslo tried but found nothing. I was thinking Youtube showed G-League games but I haven’t found anything in regards to that.

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