2022 Trade Deadline Thread

Only a few weeks out from the trade deadline and some rumors have popped up.

Man… I may be crazy, but I’d love to have Ben Simmons.

Obviously the starting point of any trade for Simmons involves Hayward for salary matching purposes and that makes me very nervous. We are 9-21 in the 30 games Gordon hasn’t played in and we all know Simmons will be rusty and will need to acclimate to our style of play which could take weeks. At full strength right now we are good enough to get that 6th seed and I would hate to risk it. Maybe this summer but not now.


I’d take Ben over Gordo. The issue is that we would have to also send a first or two

Oh fuck no. Noooo way, he’ll nah. I’ve already gone on a diatribe about Simmons and I don’t need to do another one. I’ve written my treatise on him. Noooo way Jose.

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Absolutely agree 100%! Not with that contract.

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Interesting…most credible report so far, for what that’s worth.

„Veteran Gordon Hayward, who is believed to still favor Indiana“
Sounds like pure clickbait…

Sac is selling A simple trade
Sac out Homes. Charlotte out Oubre , Carey and a second .
Sac does this to start the rebuild saving three years of Cap. Oubre could all so help start a rebuild with his shooting. A second to sweeten the pot. Along with Carey who still has time to be good.
We do this to move Oubre so Bouknight can take over that spot at a cheaper price. Second we upgrade our center position adding Homes at a good price contract wise.

I’d do that in a heartbeat.

I think the Simmons stuff is much more about throwing the hornets name out there as “call me maybe” than actually wanting to pay the price for Simmons.

I’d love this trade. I don’t know that SAC would however but I get your angle.

Remember i called this Bouknight is ready for the rotation. Oubre is on the market for a big.
See tonight’s game

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I’m convinced the best thing we could possibly do is sell on Kelly asap.

I’m sure it’s pure coincidence but bad time to have a “foot discomfort” series of games out. Feels proximate to those typical personal reasons benchings that happen around the deadline for reasons.

Again, I think it’s just coincidence but it did let my mind run with a GH trade for a minute. I think we’d be throwing away this season in most trades that would include him so I’m not for it.

Kinda agree. Not this year, at least.

Definitely still on the sell high on Oubre train, unless we’re moving GH and Kelly’s happy to extend on a fair contract. Just makes too much sense not to, despite the fact I’ve really enjoyed the shooting he’s brought off the bench and his length.

I’m a bit reluctant to trade for Homes as I just wish we’d have signed him when he was available (There’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t have signed here and it certainly sounded as though gentleman Mitch didn’t send out an early feelers to gauge his interest).

I don’t mind the idea of bringing in an older, more experienced #5, such as Homes, as that allows room/minutes for Kai and Richards to grow into.

My preference would be Bamba, probably followed by a smaller move for Claxton. I have a feeling that Turner’s injury has put paid on us making a move that’s capable of moving the needle for us (progressing in the playoffs) this season.

i am entirely convinced that bamba is the way to go. easy and inexpensive without disrupting any rotational chemistry for this year.

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Super quiet in Orlando on Bamba. I’m kind of shocked there hasn’t been any rumors or leaked info.

Has anyone heard any Orlando rumors?

Oubre hasn’t hit a shot on the regular in the past three games. You see this when trade talk is flying. Sitting healthy players is another NBA move . I hope it isn’t Turner and Harris. Or Simmons and picks . I really hope we stay pat . I think Thor can contribute now.

This just smells like a trade with Oubre and Hayward