Hornets @ Pacers

Getting another look at the team we’ll be in a million trade rumors with in about about month and a half.

Brogdan is out

Think in 3 games vs them, we’ve not had the same key 7 or 8 rotation players due to injury or covid. Keeping it weird might be to our benefit.

Not impressed with Turner so far. I’m saying no to trading for him.

Gotta push hard early in the 4th

Great way to close out the game. Let’s win out. Hornets 2021-2022 champs.

Great win tonight. Turner didn’t look great for sure, but I think with us there’s a much better fit roster wise. I just don’t think they want to pay the Pacers price or shake the roster up with the way the schedule is shaping up for the second half of the season.


Agree on both counts. Turner fits what we badly need but the Pacers may well keep their price too high.

I want him on our roster as I believe a lengthy, high level rim protector with range out to the 3 could unlock another level of play for us … but it may be that matching his salary means we’d need to give up too much in player value/quality to get there.

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Agreed with everything you guys said about Turner. He’d be a great player who could take us to the next level but it isn’t worth it if we gut our team.

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It was a good game by our guys last night. Borrego’s lineup management with the lead leaves some to be desired still. It seems like we kill our own momentum often.


Always the voice of reason. Totally agree on Turner. Would love to have him tho

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Does this send us back into a loop of H&S cases for anyone that didn’t contract over the last month?

Duarte played against us damn it

Hopefully not 🥲
But for reference:
Got covid (9):
Got covid before the season (1):
Without covid (7):

Of the 7, only Oubre and Richards are usually part of the rotation. So i think for the meanwhile, we’re pretty ok given we experienced the outbreak early in the season.