Hornets at Pacers

Wait the season isn’t over

Wait so are the Pacers tanking? Lol. Are we?

I can guarantee we won’t tank, but we need to beat the Pacers for offseason momentum purposes.

And? With this team, I feel like we’ll still lose. But, I feel like there is no way Sabonis sits.

We definitely have zero momentum coming into this game but I’m trying to get my spirits up

The upside is we’re 1 win away from having momentum

the nba’s worst case scenario with this play in idea is a national televised highly promoted “playoff” game is a double tank affair

The following is all just my opinion but disagree. Two teams playing hard, irrespective of who is on the floor is fine for the play-in. It’s not like the mainstream audience follows either team. A blow out on either side would be a bad look for the NBA/TNT. A game where they are discussing the next game or where they got a good burger is the worst case.


good points. i guess it is like the play in games for the ncaa tournament in that regard.

I think it’ll be fine for the NBA I’m sure both teams will be trying to win tonight. Plus LaMelo is a huge draw.

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Guys, call me crazy but I think we might actually pull out the W tonight. I don’t know why that seems so bold, but given that we can’t buy a win lately…

I’d love to see Lamelo drop a triple double tonight. I’ll be wearing my Lamelo mint city jersey tonight.

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I’m with you P

I think we win

Oh please Lord, please permit this snippet to find its way to the Hornets’ locker room before 6:30 CST

I agree, I think the Hornets sweep this series move on to the next round.

So if we win tonight can we say this is the first time we have ever advanced in the playoffs or does the play in not count? As a Bobcats fan, I will take whatever I can get!

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No, if we win tonight and lose on Thursday, we’re still in the lottery.

Lavert is out

Their coach may have to suit up

But TECHNICALLY we would advance in the playoffs for the first time!!! Wink wink

Alright fine, win tonight. Lose the next one. Win the lottery.

Check please.