Pacers vs Hornets Game Thread

It’s game day, time to launch our 82-0 campaign

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Payback is a biatch!


I am ready . Hoping for a pay back victory for the good guys.

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Can’t wait see you guys at the Cable Box!

Terry was said to be a ? . Ever one else is said good to go. Odds say we a 1 point favorite.

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The gist is that he’ll test out his ankle in warmups.

Levert and Warren out with Holiday and Lamb both questionable.

We look deeper . Just got to slow down Turner Sabonis and Brogdon down , box out and hit the boards

Guessing Terry will be out

Good evening HP. Just wanted to say I hope everyone is doing well. I don’t post often but enjoy reading the board as often as I can. I sure wish I could watch these games on YouTubeTV.

Anyway, go Hornets and go HornetsPlanet!

Plumlee looks awful to me so far.

Yep he’s been getting abused so far

I miss Biz/ Zeller. Haha

What is Plumlee even doing out there

Not defending Sabonis that’s for sure

Feel like we need to give Mason and Kelly a minute to adjust. Not overreacting just yet

If Kelly passes just one tonight, that will be a good look. So world Plumbs hitting a FT.

I wouldn’t hate seeing Bouknight and Jones get some minutes.