Hornets @ Magic Game Thread

Time to see the Cliffordless Magic and continue our 81-1 season.


Wonder if Orlando will employ the hackaplumlee? Hate seeing PJ out again

Don’t sleep on this Magic team. They are scrappy and can light you up quick

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If it’s a close game, I would if I were them. We can’t let that happen.

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This is a telling game for us. We need to beat the teams we are suppose to so we need to go out and handle business.

Agree with this is not a team to sleep on and that this is the sort of game you need to win if you want to jump up a step. And I think Anthony wants to set the floor on fire when he’s in the same air as LaMelo - great for him that he’s got that competitive fire IMO. Hoping for a romp, worried it will be a ending we won’t like.

Welp were asleep

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Not a great six minutes

25-17 Magic, under 3 to go.

Nick Richards is active, if not a drunken gazelle out there

Really nice final 3 minutes from the bench, especially Martin and McDaniels. They’re getting after it defensively.

31 all after 1

Need some defense

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64-61 Good guys at the break.

Orlando hanging around thanks to 16 second chance points and 9 Hornet turnovers

Melo trying to force things so far tonight

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I’m still dissatisfied that JB hasn’t found a way to get Bouk on the floor for a few minutes.

Sure, we’re 5 games into the season and have been playing phenomenal basketball-but I still think Bouk should see a few minutes.

I’d rather see young players in greensboro than wasting away on the bench, or even worse-only getting some run in horrible garbage time. Get him on the floor JB.

Edit: especially given that rozier has been out


93-91 Magic after 3. Bridges has been the best player on the court tonight

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He has been. I own it, I was totally wrong about Miles. Maybe those contract numbers will be right for him that folks were throwing out.

But I don’t think any of us predicted this kind of leap for him. I’m absolutely floored.

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Magic up 2
Hornets ball
Under 10 to play
Not a great night from Lamelo