2024 Hornets Offseason Thread

Here we go…


Ownership has been good so far. In fact better than we could have ever imagined. I am hoping that they do the following over the off season:

  1. Get the trainers and doctors on the same page even if that means replacing folks.
  2. Establish a new level of professionalism around the organization.
  3. Be aggressive on the free gent market for at least one missing piece (ie SG or PF)
  4. Trade Cody Martin to anybody willing to take him.
  5. Bring James Nnaji over even if that means buying out his Spanish contract.
  6. Bring Killian Hayes in to run the SL point and if that works out, trade Micic.
  7. Re-sign Miles to three years w two team options at around 25/27 million per
  8. Draft the highest upside guy they can get w the 6th pick who won’t be a defensive liability
  9. Take that Cody pick and draft a defensive nightmare to play on the 2nd team (I am thinking Dunn or McCullar)
  10. Manage the cap space efficiently to keep all options open

Isnt Nnaji now another Hornets cursed injury??

Interesting. I’m not seeing the fit or roster spot.

Fit is there but not the money.

What if a s&t was agreed upon sending out Martin and filler.

Sign and trade Bridges for Quentin Grimes!

TRADE | Pelicans get No. 6 pick, Grant Williams, Nick Richards, Davis Bertans, Two future second-round picks; Hornets get Brandon Ingram**

*Pelicans select Stephon Castle, UConn

Oh i hope he wants a lot


I wonder how the front office changes and firing of Monty Williams will impact Detroits willingness to overpay Miles.

Well d@mn.

This is why I like reading other people’s musing - no matter how trivial. My first thought was “Who gives a crap about Detroit?” Now I see there may be a DIRECT impact on our roster and cap space this summer.

Thanks for reminding me of the bigger picture!

Speaking of not giving a crap (other than laughing):

I think that Clay has been washed up for about 5 years now.

I hope we get to see mark williams shoot some threes next year (if we ever see him again or if he stays healthy). The three point shooting starts around the 1:00 mark. This is from 2022.

He has a pretty good stroke, solid form. I just don’t get it. Maybe coach Lee will get him shooting it more.

Also, I still want an adult in the locker room, who is basically like an extension of the coaching staff. I don’t care if they play much. We just need an adult in the locker room who can help these young guys with accountability, leadership, structure, and just be a steady vet presence.

I’ve been listening to former nba players’ podcasts and they all talk about what older player mentored them and how much that meant in terms of learning to be a professional.

We’ve never really had that.


Apparently they are targeting James Borrego, which might mean they make a big push for Miles since they worked well together here.

Just like with Cody Zeller. Could really stroke a 3 ball in his 2013 pre draft workouts. How many did he make in his career? You’d think with all the years he played in this town, his in-game confidence would’ve taken hold for shooting threes.

He was a tough, serviceable big man, but never wanted to be the main guy?

Marvin Williams.

Big Al

Which also coincided with the best teams in the new Charlotte era.

Can’t :heart: this enough