2023 Free Agency and Off-Season Action

2023 NBA free agent rankings: Top players available this summer | HoopsHype

Figured we could use one of these.

Current Rostered Players
#22 PJ Washington (3rd ranked RFA)
#29 Kelly Oubre Jr.
#60 Denis Smith Jr

Immediate Past Players
#41 Mason Plumlee
#45 Jalen McDaniels
#54 Reggie Jackson (guess it would only be relevant if we signed him ;))

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We’re bringing Mason back aren’t we? Haha I’d quit.

PJ #5/13 at PF.
After PJ are #25 RFA Grant Williams & #32 RFA Hachimura…then drops off.
If not pay for talent, will have cap space to make sure get one of the top leftovers again, best of rest a Niang or Lyle for 2/20. Or trade 2nd rounders for a Kyle Anderson.

Keeps some cap space open to pay Oubre a Marvin Williams-like ‘bargain’… with cap inflation about 20/year.

I’d so much rather pay PJ a semi-bargain than Kelly a bargain

Me I would like us to sign all four free agents and go over the soft cap a little. PJ Miles, Kelly and DSj. I think we could stay under the luxury and sign all four guys and our draft picks. While signing Ball with Hayward money the next year.

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134 cap, how reach total & any corrections greatly appreciated.

9 players under guaranteed contract will be paid 91.32

2 unguaranteed
PG Kobi Simmons 2.1
#2 PG roster spot.
PF JT Thor 1.9
A Competent player roster spot. Or Waive and carry 14, we like have use open spot for two way call ups & save about 1.5 million to offer DSJ 3.6.

11.33 roster holds
.990 one incomplete roster charge
#4 8.08, #27 2.24
106.65 cap hit

Using Roster charge, 2 spots & 29 million.

#1 26 million
#8 32.5

Most likely odds #6, 30.5 million we spend for 2 spots.

Regardless of the merits of getting them all back, I doubt we have the roster spots for all four plus 2 fully contracted rookies. So we’d need to trade our numbers down. If it’s me, I sign an absolute max of two from Kelly, Miles & PJ.

Ball/DSJ, Terry/Bryce, Gordon/Kelly, Miles/PJ, Williams/Richards is 10 plus Thor, Kai, Cody & Bouknight is 14. That’s without a 3rd string PG or any rookies. It’s going to be interesting.

Winning the lottery is going to make this choice way simpler I think.

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Just my personal opinion, and the lottery will better inform a lot of this, but Charlotte’s summer should be all about laundering veterans into draft assets/youth, even if it means taking back bad contracts to get a deal over the line. Be open to S&Ts on Kelly and PJ, be open to taking back an additional year of money if you can cash out on Hayward, and if you can’t S&T guys work out movable new contracts with them with an eye on the 2024 trade deadline. See if Terry nets a first. The team almost certainly isn’t going to be good next year regardless, so use it to reset the franchise while you’re still ahead of Ball’s RFA, because you really don’t want to be doing this three years from now.


If we keeping Ball and not selling the team . Ball will be having a big say as to who we keep and who we sign . Ball has all ready said he wants to keep Bridges. Terry is said to be being shoped according to locked on but might not be easy to move. Locked seams to think Oubre is going and not resigned. Haven;t heard any thing on PJ. We don’t need any draft picks this year with two first and two high seconds. We way young now . Much more and we will be a G league team. Me I think we need a nice vetran leader or two .

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I agree with bogg. But I see dav’s point too. The track record on dav’s plan just isn’t very good though. It mostly results in teams like the Cavs early in lebron’s career. A bunch of bad trades that have bigger names attached to them in an effort to fast track a real team

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I’m with @Chef, a blend of @Bogg and @Dav’s ideas is the way to go. Basically, do as Bogg suggested, but look to ultimately end up with vets that fit us better.

If we can turn Terry into a first, would our second first this year and the terry first net us a starting level SG who complements LaMelo? I’ve harped on about Mikal Bridges, and his asking price looks to be too steep, but he’s the style of player I’d want us to be targetting. That would be a huge, huge step towards being a playoff series winning team.

I’m sure there is an alternate universe where we get #1, and swing a trade for Mikal Bridges!

If Terry is shopped what about Gary Trent Jr? Has size at 6’5", can shoot from deep and also a good defender. Still young enough to mix in with our core and grow together.


BR has us linked to Ayton, but I assume/hope this is just pure conjecture by some national writer who doesn’t really follow us. It would make zero sense for us to trade for Ayton when we have a significantly cheaper and potentially better version of him already in Williams.

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Need a big that was at odds with what his coach needs at times, he simply meets the criteria for a Hornets FA.


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This is fun

What are you looking for from Suns? I’m not sure what makes sense for us.

Terry and Richards for Auyton

Honest question: are we that much better with Ayton? Richards is on a sweetheart deal at the moment, and we have an emerging big in Williams who may outplay Ayton as soon as next season.

Ayton for $30M/year seems like we’re trading one problem for another.