2022 Draft Night Thread

Let’s go boys! Hopefully something good happens.

Thought I’d make a thread. Delete if we want to keep the current draft thread

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Good idea. Let keep this thread.

The other one was pretty long. Time for a new one for the occasion!

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I’m a Hornets fan and I hate myself.

Let’s go!!!


The hornets fans are interested in Detroit’s interest.


Sounds like Detroit wants some more first round picks

I hope to dear God this is true. This would be our lucky break - on draft night no less!

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We can not resign Lamelo tonight, but man could we influence the decision big time in either direction.

Big night for our franchise, like HUGE. I have faith in MJ, Mitch and the Hornets!

I feel this might be the craziest draft in a long time. I’m excited about it. Don’t think Mitch is the type to make dumb moves, cost controlled rookies are better way to work the cap.

I predict we get a center one way or another this draft. I feel we’re gonna trade one of the picks for wing help. My hope is Duren, and if he’s out, then Williams + Eason/Griffin/Agbaji.

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Damn nor expected all ready

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Banchero first is a twist
Now we get Shaedon

Don’t think Michael Beasley and Ben Simmons are the most exciting comps for Magic fans

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I hope I don’t have a heart attack.

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Wowwww Magic were holding that TIGHTTT. Great pick by Magic. GREAT pick. I think he will be a big deal

Jabari falling to 13!


anyone have a link to watch? i normally use nbabite

will OKC trade Chet for a future first before the end of the night?

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Holmgrem expected