23 Late first round pick

Who you liking at the end of the first round?

I’m curious if we’ll keep it given the guaranteed money and… well, we’re the Hornets. But assuming we keep the pick, who would be nice with that Denver pick?

How about Jordan Hawkins?


We could really use someone who is a 3 point sniper at the 2. Is he worth that pick?

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Has to be a shooter, absolutely


Coach is :100: correct. However, we won’t keep the pick. If we don’t keep 13 last year, we won’t keep 28 or 29 this year.

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I feel like it’s destined to be swapped for a second, but for conversation’s sake, I’m curious who might be a good selection at that spot.

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I felt similar early but altering.
We keep both picks in this supposed mega draft…time move on from draft a couple years ago.

JT unguaranteed

Maybe Swap Huskies, Jordan Hawkins & cut Bouknight.

Kai hasn’t done much, but guess keep one of 3.

I’m just mad we even have to discuss this. I’d rather have the 13th pick last years draft. Ha

Considering we have generally had greater success with picks around 30 vs. picks at the back end of the lottery, maybe we’re safer with DEN’s 30th pick this year.

Late picks we looking at Combo forward, even if take forward with first pick. Jalen gone and JT not good. Rough watch forced seeing JT trying to fill all those combo forward minutes, but this is roster we got.

Tari Eason would be great.

UCF F 6’9 210 Hendrick Wilson would be a solid pick to consider before season, but going higher now.

The good news is that it’ll be bloody hard for Mitch to trade for a worse 1st round pick again. The bad news is he’ll likely trade for multiple seconds instead!

I like late the first round as an area to pick up an older, two-way player. Someone who will come in and likely contribute fairly early, as they have experience and tend to be well-rounded and mature/professional. They likely won’t be able to jump out of the gym, and are more team orientated vs. the ‘it’s all about me’ and ‘always someone else’s fault’ lottery Guards that some teams have fallen foul of in recent drafts.

I’d love a 2/3 or 3/4 3&D rotational role player. A Cody or McDaniels type.

Other numbers to monitor - at this point in the season, we don’t have the 30th pick anymore, now down to the 27th pick. If Cleveland can get healthy, maybe we can get to 26!

Such a shame the west sucks so bad this year. Nuggets are #1, but their record in a normal year is of a 4th seed.

OT: If the Clippers drop a spot, they’ll play the Lakers for the play in game, which will be the most entertaining basketball played in decades.

Only if Russell Westbrook can play for both teams during the same game.

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Much higher