2023 Draft Prospects

Looks like this might be a rough year so let’s get going early

9 months early? Might as well skip the entire season before it starts. My guess is that we will be looking for someone in the 5th to 8th spot. I am sure that the entire organization (particularly the players) will try to win as much as possible so I doubt Victor will be in reach.

Its looking like this could be an historically bad year. I think a critical core of this team doesn’t really give a damn and either already has or else will check out sooner than later.

Not counting Kai, Thor, Williams, McGowen - a group that won’t have an impact this year anyway.

Richards and Plumlee may care but they don’t matter.

I think there is no bottom for how bad this can go and expect a full house cleaning by season end.

Our draft prospects are becoming better and better by the minute. Who want to celebrate that?

Don’t under estimate or overlook how painful it is to “win” the draft.