2023 Draft Prospects

Looks like this might be a rough year so let’s get going early

9 months early? Might as well skip the entire season before it starts. My guess is that we will be looking for someone in the 5th to 8th spot. I am sure that the entire organization (particularly the players) will try to win as much as possible so I doubt Victor will be in reach.

Its looking like this could be an historically bad year. I think a critical core of this team doesn’t really give a damn and either already has or else will check out sooner than later.

Not counting Kai, Thor, Williams, McGowen - a group that won’t have an impact this year anyway.

Richards and Plumlee may care but they don’t matter.

I think there is no bottom for how bad this can go and expect a full house cleaning by season end.

Our draft prospects are becoming better and better by the minute. Who want to celebrate that?

Don’t under estimate or overlook how painful it is to “win” the draft.


Underwhelmed by the trade deadline(for the Hornets) so I thought I’d do the near-annual Horncats “Look for some glimmer of hope in the upcoming draft”…

Hornets law says we won’t get the generational talent French 7’4" Kevin Durant kid. Not even gonna entertain the thought.

Can Scoot Jackson develop/coexist with LaMelo? I mean, they both attack, attack, attack, so maybe it could work in entertaining fashion. But rim-attacking 6’0 to 6’3" guys, reliant on an insane vertical, scare me off a bit because of how far they have to land, night after night. Think Derrick Rose and Baron Davis injury issues.

The Brandon Miller kid from Alabama looks interesting. Reminds me of Pippen/Horry physically. His shot has a low release at times but it’s hard to argue with the results.

Just saw this coming draft we have 2 first round picks and 3 second round picks. Let’s hope June is a good month for us.


Brandon Miller only saw UNC game, not strong and was not impressed. Not want fall in one ‘Bad game’ trap, been some very good games…only road game did well so far vs Vanderbilt.

See at #3 many mocks, did not see it yet. Still is in about 3-8 mix of some very athletic, talented, & skilled players.

I recognize my bias but strongly hope that we consider Damari Monsanto with a low 2nd round pick. He is a taller version of JJ Reddick and with his length, he is a very real 3&D prospect.

Seems better than G Alondes Williams…except handles and passing, not just this year 48 assists & 79 TO in college. But SF 3 & D not the priority, a chance late 2nd.
Our Utah 2nd is going to be higher, last mock saw us #42 with 6-6 wing Terrence Shannon. Similiar 3 & D two way prospect but with better handles.

1 Wemby
2 Scoot
3 Hold me now, Amen…better one of the those Thomspon Twins

We pick 4-7, not a worse 3 team (unless tankers do a Tanya Harding on Mello) and much more likely for Hornets to fall than win in a lottery. FO not picking one of many good guard/wings, drafts a frontcourt player again. Strike that, could screw with founding again, draft and trade to get some 2nd rounders…like the SGA-Miles trade.
4 F Brandon Miller
5 F Cam Whitmore
6 F Jarace Walker
7 Was F Grady Jackson…gone. 6-6 235 F Sensabaugh for now.

8 other Thompson Twin. Twins intrigue. Most athletic & do many things…defend, rebound, dribble, pass, drive, transition, dunk. But not shoot, and thats pretty important. Scream MKG, but from read not broken, just not good (including FT).

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Here are the current lottery odds.

We have a 50-50 chance of being top 4. I hope we get lucky.


So we are picking 8 then? lol

Hope not 6th either

I hope not 5th either.

Overtime Elite Playoffs on Prime Video.

7 pm Cold Heart @ City Reapers

Why care this high school -ish OTE/academy basketball ? Amen & Asur Thompson play for Reapers.

We get to see what is the hype for these high school seniors (if stayed in HS & not sign with OTE).

I was curious how Pre-Bronny rule change the Twins are in this years draft.
Tell us game mature for age, better be, turned 20 in January.

Not only need to show competency, validate top pick hype status need to dominate game.

Please let us get a top 2 pick :pray:. And not be forced to choose or pass on Brandon Miller. Hopefully for him it proves out he had no involvement whatsoever but After the situations with Miles and Bouknight he might be untouchable for us.


If there are ANY red flags off the court, hard pass. I’m one for forgiveness and giving chances, but that ain’t us right now.

We don’t need to round up at the super market. We need to keep that 4 cents at the moment.

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Cold Hearts PG Rob Dillingham best on court in first half. Twins…meh. Nothing screaming special players for 4-8.

Rob not in this years draft.
From Hickory, was a big NCSU commit, change to Kentucky. One of best players in 2024 draft.