2022 Draft: Who you like?

Unless things change wildly in the last part of the season, looks like we’ll be picking in the middle of the 1st. I see three Cs that may possibly be in that range: Jalen Duren, Walker Kessler, and Orlando Robinson. Any of these guys potential difference makers for us, now or in future?

Given that rookies don’t get to play in Hornets team with JB, anyone who comes in will be a project. I don’t follow college bball much, but what do y’all think of Zach Edey from Purdue? He is 7’4", with decent dominance in the center position. I think with a year in the weight room and training floor with NBA coaching, he could be a key piece.

Almost put this in the original post: for the sake of conversation, let’s park the idea-- no matter if true or not-- that we don’t play rookies. That horse is dead. No reason to keep wasting bullets on it.


I like to trade the picks moving forward if this coaching staff is here. Lots of positioning going to be taking place this summer.

Theres a chance we could get 2 1sts this year if the pels sneak into playoffs.

With that said, we need to get the most talent possible that will actually be allowed to contribute.


I think we already have more than enough youth on this roster, especially at C. For once, I’d rather use the pick in a package for a starting C and give Richards & Kai opportunities to see the floor.

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I’m with Kitch. Let’s do something with the young players we have. Kai, Thor, Richards (maybe) all look to have upside. Athleticism is there, but pretty raw. Thor being the most interesting.

I’d like to see those guys get some time on the floor before we thinking about drafting more guys. Not trying to kick the proverbial dead horse, but I’m not that interested in our drafts anymore.

Unless it’s about packaging picks with players in a trade.


Unless they are a second round pick…. Then they’ll get opportunities. Beating that dead horse.

But I too think we have enough young players and some with big upside. I’d rather use what we have, unless we somehow get a really high pick. We already don’t have room for the guys we have.

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I don’t watch a lot of college ball other than to scout NBA prospects for the Hornets but I am interested in peoples thoughts on Mark Williams from Duke. Seems to have size, good hands and rim protection. What are the liabilities? Lateral quickness I assume.

Considering i see no value in drafting a center, I’d love for us to get Alondes Williams in the 2nd round of he’s honestly only valued as a pick in the mid second.


I’m looking for length at whatever position they draft. I think that is an area they need to improve on overall.


Don’t feel hurt, but guess can see others still pained JB play those over Batum, MKG, Monk,etc…but not surprise to me favor Mitch picks over Cho.

where is this 2nd round Army that’s been playing? Otherwise stop beating any horses, that ain’t cool.

Not 5 rookie & a Nick still need develop
3 / 3 Mitch firsts minutes play 35%+ (+ depend on Hayward and PJ & Miles start)
2 / 6 seconds 15%. Mitch pick us one 2nd able to play primary minutes in rotation over last 3 years…Devonte for 2 & Cody this year
Got one a year able to play in secondary rotation…Cody & then Jalen

I’m happy we got 3, more rest of century combined. But admit there could be some justifiable hate if someone else want to research further

JB only play 3/9 2nd round picks significant minutes, with 4/9 ongoing developing story, and 3/9 gone (1 overlap there Devonte traded)

I’m not opposed to trading the pick if there’s better value to be had that could help us now but I don’t like the mindset that if a rookie can’t/doesn’t immediately play their worthless. Most no one wanted to tank to get multiple years of top 3 level picks. If you’re gonna have a competitive team and build from the mid/late first round every year like a Denver or Milwaukee, you’re rookies often will not play. But that’s when you continue to take the best available, stack talent that can develop and replace vets eventually and maybe you find a Giannis or Michael Porter along the way. The draft is still very important for us to build long term sustainable success. Collect assets which could later be used in a trade as well.

I really don’t think we were tanking. We were just mediocre and trying. We just got lucky in the lottery.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. We never were tanking and most no one had the stomach to tank. If you’re not gonna tank you’re not likely to get top picks. So you have to get used to making smart mid first round picks that are not going to play right away on a team that’s doing everything it can to win now. Fair or unfair, This team has expectations now so there’s less room to let young inexperienced players play. Doesn’t mean they can’t develop and contribute down the road when their time comes.

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If you look at the length of last year’s picks (Kai, Thor & Lewis) it’s clear the front office agrees with you, as do I.

After Vernon & Nick, last year Mitch returned strong getting a couple Kai & Thor modern big picks. Can See Mitch following similar path this year, Mitch target a combo wing with length & athleticism that defends, pass and shoot 3pt. Long criteria list, but did find a couple bigs like this last year. Seen some good at Swarm, but #56 Lewis need a lot of work and not see getting significant NBA roster time anytime soon if ever.

Wong from Miami

I think I want Mark Williams.

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I like Williams as well. I see a lot of Ayton in him. Seems he could offer immediate rim protection and has decent offensive potential. I don’t necessarily think we need another C, but then again, we don’t have a glaring hole at any position so I’d definitely grab him if he’s there.

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I like both kids from Duke Williams and the p/f . The p/f has good size can score in a lot of ways . His defense needs tons of work though. Williams fills a lot of boxes we need on defense but will have trouble scoring the ball. We would be lucky to get either at our pick.