2022 Draft: Who you like?

All the mocks I’d been looking at had Williams going later first round in the 20s. He’s probably played his way up into the lottery and out of our range with his performance in the tourney.

Definitely would have to win the lottery, top 3 pick to get Banquero. If we do miss the playoffs and win the lottery give me Jabari Smith or Banquero.

We should start rooting for the Pelicans, we could be getting another first round pick


Been rooting for them all season haha


What is the restrictions on that pick? Love for Carolina thoughts on him. And their center all so .

If they make the playoffs we get their 1rst, if they miss we get two seconds.

I don’t have any thoughts on Love atm. Bacot is a really fun college player to watch and seems to give 110%. He was a warrior yesterday against Duke and that’s coming from a Tar Heel hater (Not a Duke fan either). However, I don’t think his game will translate well to the NBA. His game seems to really a lot on effort than skill. Plus he’s listed at 6’10 but I bet he’s more like 6’8-6’9.

Love is going to be good, he has a killer instinct and a want for the ball that will translate. He will struggle FG% for first couple of seasons though, but players that are consistently that dynamic on a big stage typically translate.

Also, would be huge for us to get that Pels 1st. That would give us a potential late lottery and a 15th pick or so.

With that being said, we need to figure out a way to position ourselves to get Webanyama next year. He is the most skilled draft prospect in decades.

GW, I agree with your assessment of Bacot. I also see him as a reserve banger in the league Not at all prolific, but the type of second unit big who will bring his hard hat every night and go to work. I think what he does will translate, I just think it translates to a more secondary role at the next level.

GoBob, I also agree with your take on Love. I think you’re spot on that he’ll be a high volume, low efficiency chucker early on, but the kid seems to have that IT factor. He’s uber confident and not afraid of the moment. He has all the tools to be special. And I am also not a UNC fan.

Watching him in college reminds me of Monk when he was at Kentucky. It’ll all depend on his work ethic and also falling into the right situation, but the kid has major upside.

thanks guys for your input. I knew Duke had a couple of 1st rounders number5 and the Williams kid.Last game was my first college game i watched this year. thanks

Griffin was also supposed to be a top 10 pick for Duke but he definitely dropped after the tourny.

I like Mathurin on Arizona, I definitely like Banchero I think he has some insane upside.

I have really only watched the tournament thiugh so my opinion doesn’t carry much weight yet here.

Honestly, whether we get 1 or 2 firsts, I like trading our picks haha

What pick will we have?

Well we will be blessed with the 14th pick lol

Shabazz was working out at UConn yesterday! Maybe we can sign him!

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Doesn’t matter who we draft. They won’t play.

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Pelicans making the playoffs gives us their first round pick correct?

That’s my understanding too, yes.

NO wins tomorrow we get their first round pick which will probably be #15. NO loses we get their 2nd round pick (#41 I think) and their 2024 second round pick which I believe is unprotected.

Pelicans should beat the Clippers! Gotta get my NOLA Hornets David West jersey out!

We’d have the 14th and 15th pick in that scenario right?

I thought we traded our pick to New York? Or is it lottery protected?