2022 Draft: Who you like?

We will be 13th, not 14th correct? Ahead (closer to 1) of whomever loses between CLE and ATL.

@cltblkhscoach we keep - was top 18 protected. That will convert to unprotected 1st to ATL next year I believe. Traded to ATL in the Reddish/Knox trade.

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Thanks man

Definitely not unprotected next year, regardless of what happened in the Knox deal. there is heavy protection on that pick for a few years at least before it drops to 2 seconds if it doesn’t convey.

I think next year it drops to top 16 protected, then 14, then 14, then 2 2nds

So if we needed to take a step back and retool again we wouldn’t have to worry about losing our pick unless we make playoffs basically.

It was a great fleecing by Kupchak and co

Oh nice to know on the protections. I read them wrong as being this year protected (as in only).

Go Pelicans. But we all know what’s happening tomorrow. Hornets Law.


Corrected and regardless, pending bad lottery luck, we are at least drafting 13th. Bad luck of the Cavs jumping to 1-4.

Pelicans go from up 15 with a minute left in the 2nd quarter to down 11 halfway thru the 3rd. Hornets Law is in full effect. SMH.

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Yup, this felt very Hornetsy. I even got my hopes up that we were actually going to get this pick. Hope pels can turn it around. Ingram typically clutch but so is Jackson

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Also, I’m not sure I ever remember Batum looking this engaged defensively in purple and teal. Actually, I recall him getting torched often.

What a pissoff

Clippers playing with no stars played better than we did :joy::joy:

Nance has been a monster the bits of this game i have caught.

Nance has been a beast. Pelicans rookies have stepped up too.

MITCH WITH THE FLEECE. Congrats to Pels. We just got a first round pick for a guy that is pretty much out of the rotation for the team we traded him to


That’s exactly what I was thinking! Flipping Tae for a 15 pick, no longer even in the rotation, was a masterpiece! Thank you Pels!


Ok, so given we have two late lottery picks and we don’t trade up (which i’d be fine doing), is Mark Williams a clear target? I know a lot of folks here think we may already have our big of the future, but I’m not convinced. And we desperately need interior defense and rebounding.

BTW… while I’m still on the “draft best talent” train, all things being equal, this is what I’d like for us to get:

  1. An interior defensive anchor who can rebound
  2. 3 and D (or maybe must 3) wing, who is very sharp from outside and doesn’t need the ball in his hands to contribute.

Do we want another center in the draft where we pick? I’d get them picking a Mobley type if picking top 3, but mid first round, wouldn’t it make more sense to get the best wing defender along the lines of you second post and use the other pick to try attain a Holmes/Turner-esque center in trade?

I’m on the wagon of thinking we need defense period, not just a defensive center. If Sochan or Eason are that guy, I’m totally down with that sort of pick.

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Here are some of my assumptions:

  • Plumless is on his way out. He’ll be traded this summer or during the season.
  • Montrezl Harrell is a PF that is not a long term solution at C.
  • Nick Richards is interesting, but at the moment, I think he’s a deep bench player.
  • Kai Jones still needs to develop.
  • We need something to stabilize the C position, as that makes everything else easier.

If they trade for a C, then sure. A veteran would be the better situation. However, if the can’t get a deal together, we need to upgrade that position. The question become is Jalen Duren or Mark Williams a guy that can clearly come in and immediately produce? If the answer is yes (and in my very limited knowledge Williams seems to be the most ready), I think it’s worth it to take one. If we think that pick would need a lot more time to develop, then probably not. Agree we don’t need more project centers.


Is Ochai Agbaji a great target for us? Looks a little more seasoned, quality defender, and can shoot?

If we can trade up for Duren, could work. Don’t really know too much about guys in our range. I like the KU guy but not sold on him.