Draft Prospects 2021

Who you looking at around our pick?

Kai Jones maybe?

Beware of the position “athlete”

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Best available SG. Maybe Moses Moody, James Bouknight, Davion Mitchell.

I’m liking Cade Cunningham or Jonathan Kuminga

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For sure. And dude could get tossed around. But he also looks like a great running mate for what we’re trying to do.

The low rebound numbers and inability to stay on the court scare me.

Who do you like that’s realistic?

I couldn’t even tell you anything other than the OK st player is the only one that looked like a pro in all of college basketball.

If they end up at 11, take the highest upside guy there is.

I fully expect that we’re gonna get the #2 pick and take Evan Mobley. Outside of Mobley, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that we could reasonably count on to have a more immediate impact at center than a second year of Carey so I agree we need to take best overall upside at 11 vs reaching for a center. I don’t know much about the prospects outside the top 3 or so but I’m intrigued by Ziaire Williams.

Shooting! No big man is ready to come in and help us immediately. Need vets in the middle


I’d add, big body shooter preferred

What’s the feel on Moses Moody? Quick short seems to be a lot of upsides we want, deficit is in playmaking/handle which is one area we got covered. Dig the pro comp of Mikal Bridges.

I do agree, this team is seriously lacking a guy who can just knockdown threes off catch and shoot consistently

None of the Center prospects I’ve look at have really blown me away

Kai 6 11 220 jaxson Hayes pelicans come to mind maybe not that year #8 player but checks boxes rim runner shot blocker length others don’t
Lesser prospect but can see us take 11, but bigs weaker so likely not their anyhow

If ready pencil in minutes at #2 center, chance develop starter

Better talent than other bigs (edit: center bigs vernon, nick) when came in and checks boxes do not, but how much more ready to play now, and willing to give up others

Also with more other stuff, trade with Pacers for former #11 Myles possibily increases imo…if deal going happen Pacers going to want some similar skill set in return

I’m about 98% sure we’ll land a top 3 pick. No worries.

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Hey, what was all that one in a million talk back there

Has anyone looked into Sengun? 18 year old who is the MVP in one of the toughest leagues in Europe

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I didn’t even know that he existed, however, at this point, if a young player shows promise in a top europe league, he is pretty legit.

I will look into him and fantasize about him becoming a superstar on the Hornets

Tankathon mock had us taking him so I’ve been checking out his highlights. Looks impressive but I know nothing about the league he plays in so I was questioning the competition. Didn’t know he was the league MVP either. Good to hear the competition level is legit. All that being the case, he’ll probably rise out of our range closer to the draft.

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Didn’t know much about either…Sengun looks like opposite other big risers of week, atheletes with defensive potential that need to a lot of offense skill work vs got skills but need a lot work on atheleticism and defense.
How much bump from Joker getting MVP, and see drop this week. And Joker comparable? Seems closer to Willy Hernangomez, worst compare saw a slower Hansbrough, and another skills got now not for modern game, w/o expanding offensive game probably no better than Okafor.

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i’m negative at bigs at #11, and that post probably reflect. There are strong positives for kid.

Draft Projection

Şengün is being described as the next coming of Denver Nuggets’ NBA Most Valuable Player contender, Nikola Jokić. Şengün himself has stated that he watches Jokić and wants to play the same style as him. Teams won’t make the same mistake with Şengün as they did with Jokić. Jokić was selected in the second round, #41 overall in the 2014 NBA Draft; expect Şengün to come off the board towards the end of the lottery or shortly after in the first round.

But that projection swing is concerning and brings to question the bigs talent available at #11…at end of lottery or 2nd rounder…seems to be the case for handful of bigs not Mobley and Kai (seen late first not 2nd round).

Or the Kawhi comp I didn’t have in my bingo card :wink: