2024 Prospects Thread

Yeah, I’m there already.

What do you guys think of Wooga Poplar? At the moment he’s slated for mid/late lottery and from the paragraph I read, seems like what we need: off ball guard who can shoot 3s (currently 50%) and defend.

Anybody else on your radar? I usually wait until the tournament to start watching guys, but may shift focus this year.

Highlights against… Stonehill?

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Baby with the hornets, it’s never too early.

I like! 88% from the line and 50% from three on 5 attempts a game.

Initially I thought best case scenario (or worst case, depending how you want to look at it) we would be picking mid to late lottery. I’ve been hearing about Rob Dillingham from Kentucky for a while now from a friend who coached against him in AAU coming up and I’ve been intrigued with him rising up the draft board. But clearly I was selling the Hornets well short and should have been shooting for the stars.

We’re on pace to compete for another top 3 pick. I’m starting to look at Alex Sarr. Is he consensus #1. Can he play PF alongside Mark…

Watched Cody Williams from Colorado (brother of OKC Jalen Williams) have a career night tonight. He’s rising fast. Could be a 3 and D wing we need. Starting my research here. Early glance seems to show some promising prospects.

I had the same thought on Sarr. If he can play with Mark or at C on his own in time, that would work.

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I saw one part of one game, but the Baylor/Auburn game made me sit up and notice the Baylor guard. Dude looked like a player.

First spin. It’s never too early with this team.

I think I heard @Plowright say on his podcast that the #1 pick this year is likely a bad contract. Of all the years for the lottery to give the Hornets that premier pick … you know it.

Lots to like in the lottery, and Sarr does appear to be the most intriguing. Ja’Kobe Walter, as has been posted on here, appears to be exactly what we need at SG. I also like what little I’ve seen from Zaccharie Risacher, but he seems to be Miller Mk2. I’d love it if there was a Jarace Walker in his draft … maybe we could trade the pick for him???

Man. I just cannot get excited about this draft. It’s another reason why I’ve said before that I think draft picks can be overrated at times. And if a great player can be had via trade and 2-3 first round picks-I think you do it if you’re charlotte.

I know there are like 27 players who are in contention to be the number one pick in this upcoming draft, so I haven’t been particularly invested in taking a deeper dive into who is available in this draft.

It would be cosmic, typical hornets karma that we land the number one pick in this draft, of all drafts. I’d put money on it.

But eh, we’ll see. I could see teams really reaching in this draft and taking a few huge surprise players. Particularly mystery overseas players.


I think Sarr is a very intriguing prospect.

What do all you think about the Pitt pg?

I would love to consider RJ Davis. We need a strong backup PG with Melo’s issues

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Heels fan here: I’m not sure how RJ will transition to the NBA. I’m pretty doubtful. He’s not really an elite athlete and is undersized. He’s 6’0 tall…in basketball shoes, and that might be spotting him an inch. The ball handling is pretty good and he’s really sharpened his ability to get to the bucket this year. Good BBIQ too and his instincts can be pretty sharp. Not really a true facilitator either. However, he’s a great 3point shooter and we all know that shooting is the salve that can heal all wounds at times. Lots of heart.

My verdict: a very undersized combo guard that may struggle to make it in the association. He’s going to have to show he can be that true PG and shoot at a high clip to make it as a backup PG.

I might be too low and don’t want to be a Heels homer.

I need to watch some Nikola Topic. I’d love it if our starting SG could also be our back-up PG, to form a really nice three Guard rotation with LaMelo and NSJ. I need to know if Topic has the defensive chops to meet all our needs. Like a Dejounte Murray type player.

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With the beginning of the needed tear down and rehab of the roster, I’m looking early at the draft prospects, though it’s still a complete guessing game to me. Some guys intangibles look like they fit perfectly with your team, but then never translate in the league. Or some guys have supposed weaknesses that suddenly become their strengths as they dominate the league.

So obviously, no superstar in this bunch, but there will be a few big time players from this group. Just hope we luck into the right one.

For our needs, I like the lengthy wing people. The question is, do we want one that is a knock down shooter, but maybe weak or not a good finisher or creator. Or one that has an incredible motor, but struggles from the outside. Or then theres the type that are high IQ, incredible feel for the game players who are developing their physique and shot, but not there yet.

Don’t know how to order them, but theres like 7 of these ranked in the top 10 of the draft, so pretty sure we’ll get one.

  1. Risacher - 6’10 shooter - compared to Michael Porter - would be perfect for us
  2. Sarr - 7’0 with wing fluidity and ball handling. Athletic. Can’t shoot at all though. But would help greatly with defense and intimidation down low.
  3. Topic - 6’6 PG/SG - crafty, shifty, can get to the basket at will, great vision and IQ. Maybe like a Giddey, or tall version of Dragic (the Phoenix version). Not a great 3 point shooter or defender, but a needed bball IQ injection
  4. Holland - 6’8 SF/PF - highest motor of everyone. Maybe like a Sochan type, but better scorer. Not really a shooter, but him scoring 30, then almost a triple double with 21, 10, 8 assists,4 blocks, 3 steals - thats that type of pure energy and aggressiveness we need. Massively.
  5. Buzelis - 6’10, new breed wing. Compared to Frank Wagner, who would also be a great fit sliding next to Melo and Miller. But streaky shooter, scrawny, and defense a weakness.
  6. Williams - 6’8 - Jalen’s little bro (OKCs wing, not forward). If he’s a taller version of his brother, then we have a tough, crafty scorer who knows how to play. Not the best shooter or athlete though.
  7. Walter - 6’5 G - smallest of the wings, but smooth scorer/shooter. Good defender, and aggressive mentality.

I could be convinced of any of them. A couple will bust, a couple will be all-stars. Or maybe they all turn into 3-5th options on a team, which is still a solid building block, especially since we have 1 and 2 already.

Shooting #1, Fit with Melo #2 especially defensively, Overall offense #3

I have near zero interest in a player like Sarr.

I agree with you, the more I research this draft the less excited I get about it. The only intriguing prospect to me atm is Risacher.

I think I would rather see us trade this pick

Ron Holland interests me


Trade the pick for Mikal Bridges! Then draft Donovan Clingan, Tyler Kolek, Tristen Newtown, and Alex Karaban Later on!

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Your enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air. Keep going. What else would you like to see happen to this roster?