The NBA Draft Lottery

Time to start praying to the basketball gods again, the lottery is a few days away

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Very pleased the Grizz dropped from 17 to 14, as that puts the C’s in a marginally stronger position. Hopefully the Hornets have some draft luck for once.

Lets get this 9th pick baby!!!


Got a good feeling, but I got a good feeling every lottery

Devonte to Represent us Tonight

So I clicked on 4 of the lottery simulator sites on Google. The hornets moves into the top 4 on the first run of each one.

Chef, since you’re on the google, what time and channel is it? I know I could do it myself, but I…

Fine, you’re not here to cater to my whims. I googled. 8:30 on ESPN.

I’m guessing a long segment about the Knicks and Cavs for about 10 minutes, cover Golden State and Spurs and the other teams except Hornets for a few more minutes, then we’ll see our name at the 9th pick around 8:56.

Golden State or Cleveland at 1. Darkhorse is San Antonio or New Orleans jumping up. We may even fall 3 spots.

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Oh let’s move up this time.

what did i say !!!

Hell yeah boys, cmon number 1!

Yes!!! Finally some luck goes our way.


If we get number 1, I’m throwing an all expenses paid party to start next season. Game one and all are invited.

Cmon baby!


I am plenty happy with top 4. We freaking moved UP. I cannot ask for more than that :slight_smile:

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First time since 1997 we moved up in the draft

It’s a 3 player draft and we got top 3, let’s go

3rd overall pick is fantastic! Love the options here.

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Huge being top 3. Any one of the the three beasts is a game changer for us.

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exactly this is a 3 player draft and we’ll get one of the three huge

I’m very confused by this feeling