This is the year

terrible draft: check
no clear number one: check
no franchise altering player: check
zero people paying attention: check
end of the world is near: check

yup it is nearly guaranteed that the hornets win the lottery


Would that be as bad as getting #3 and having no way to work out anyone in order to stack rank guys? I have been impressed with the Mitch drafts so not ready to throw the normal “it wouldn’t matters” out there in this case. Let’s just how he’s already done the necessary homework (as much as anyone could have).

I guess we did dodge mj falling in love with some tourney darling and taking him 10 sports too high


This could be a heck of a wildcard draft for the NBA. One in which there is far more luck than normal. You have to imagine that a ton of #3-14 picks get resorted based on post season play. How much will that make for a draft in the teens net out a top 3 talent?

  1. Test

  2. What day is it?

Today is Saturday May 2nd. Welcome Swedd

Today is clearly yesterday… Or maybe tomorrow.

Well it’s 1am here so you’re technically right on both counts

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I may like the Israeli kid more than all of them anyway…

Seems like Avdija would be a hell of a pick from reading about him.

I am happy that we are back! I would be lying if I said I didn’t check 5 times a day to see if it was back up.

I would like Wiseman or Avdija but if they are off the board I hope we don’t look too far past Lamelo Ball. Team needs playmakers, particularly if Monk is out.

If we can land Wiseman I’m happy. No one else really interests me though; maybe the Iowa State guy.

Wiseman or Anthony Edwards plz

What about that kid from Dayton? He seems legit

You mean Obi Toppin from Dayton?
I fear he will likely be gone when we pick, just like my guy Killian Hayes. Unless we get some lottery ball luck and jump the queue of course.

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Any speculation on when the lottery is going to be?

I think I heard something about late summer/ early fall. Not final, but no time soon.

The more I think about it, the more I doubt we pick a 1 and done outside of a top 3 pick. It seems so against our recent track record to not go with a bit more experience and with no tourney, just seems impractical we’d change that tune this year.

Also think this is going to be the most odd looking draft in the rear view mirror. Have to figure the number of over reaches and under valued picks should look wild a few years down the road.

At the end of the day it will also come down to the final decision about the remaining Part of 19 / 20 season / postseason.
If the NBA really want‘s to resume the season and / or have the Playoffs (or at least some sort of) they can‘t do anything about the draft right now.
Even the having the lottery would mean the season is over.