This is all dumb

Just wanted to say that it’s the time of year where everybody has intense thoughts about who we should pick and who we should trade or sign or cut. But at the end of the day, we’re all dedicated for whatever reason for this basketball team to be successful, regardless of how that happens. And despite the cynicism, underlying all of it is a community of hope that I’m happy that be a part of. Much appreciation to all of you who have spent years of our lives being dedicated to this. It’s ridiculous but wonderful. Go Hornets. :honeybee:


Mucho love DNB!

With this draft we all should have low expectations as it’s been said repeatedly that this is one of the worst draft in years. At 6 we should get a pretty decent rotation piece and as sad as our backups have been thats not a small thing

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All love man! Aside from Knecht being my guy, I don’t really care about this draft. Ideally, we could trade out of the first round and turn it into more future assets.

But this draft class isn’t really going to yield typical value trades like that. I think it’ll be a buyers market since this draft class is so lackluster.

Whatever happens, happens. It’s just a really exciting time to be a hornets fan because they’re installing real organizational changes.

We got the good GM candidate, we got the best young coach, good assistants, etc. there’s lots to be excited about, which is a weird feeling given how shit things have been…for a while.