Was 2021 our worst draft ever?

#11 Bouknight
#19 Kai Jones (pick acquired in a trade for a future first, that was heavily protected.)

Both of these guys will probably not have full year contracts in the league next year. This is not a situation where injuries derailed otherwise ok production.

Hope both of these guys find their way somehow.

I can’t blame the Bouknight pick as much but not doing what we could do to get Sengun was really dumb. I guess they didn’t value him but may it be put forth thst if there is EVER another Euroleague MVP at 18 years old go get the sumbitch

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When you look at the players available, yes it was. It has hugely held the franchise back.

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I think our worst draft moment was when we gave away Jalen Duren for free.
The kid had 27 points 22 rebounds last night.


Just a flesh wound

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Don’t forget the year we took Adam Morrison as our number 1.

Yeah, I’m still bitter about that one.

Duren has even had the audacity to significantly improve as a free throw shooter. Shot 50ish percent early rookie year, finished the year at 61%.

Shot 9/10 last night from the line. And is shooting 89.5% from the line this month, and 73% on the year.

And he’s 20.

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I don’t mind that one too much. It was certainly a homerun swing pick. To me that was more of an injury issue than a talent issue. He looked like he might have been good prior to the injury. (needed defensive coaching and better shot selection.) Brandon Roy certainly was amazing, but he got injured too. He was 4th in rookie of the year too. Overall, that was a pretty mediocre draft.

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What let Bouk & Kai down most was in my opinion maturity. Both had talent but Kai certainly shouldn’t have been drafted as high as he was, it was pure potential we drafted him as everyone knows but the 1st round pick tag added extra pressure on the kid and i don’t think he could handle it.

Bouk well what a waste of talent we can see it’s there, his stroke is pure as a shooter but he mentally lets himself down on and off the court. Maybe when he realises he only gets so many chances in the NBA the light switch might come on.

Overall we swung for the fences and it didn’t come off which is disappointing on 2 1st rnd draft picks but i was more disappointed with the Adam Morrison pick he totally flamed out

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Malik Monk version 2. Same lack of maturity, and total absence of professionalism. As you say, the talent is clearly there. Please let’s not draft a version 3 to complete the set!