2020 Draft - 32nd Pick

Not sure if folks have started to think about this pick. I could see us using this as a package with the 56th pick to move down into the 20s but hope we don’t.

Two guys I am reading about that look like a really in this zone are Paul Reed and Aleksej Pokuševski. I am also reading that these guys, especially Poku, are going to go way before the second round. But if not, these guys both look very interesting. Who are players you guys are interested in at this pick?

Seconded on Reed, if he’s still on the board. I think he’s a solid rotation big. Did a bit of everything for DePaul last year.

I like Carey Jr here if we do not pick Wiseman or Okongwu. Not sure he falls to 32 but it’s possible.

Isaiah Joe is the pick
Woo Pig Sooie

This is my guy but zero confidence he’s available at 30+