And with the 56th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

Welcome to the Hornets Scottie Lewis!

Ok, Sharife is off the board to the Hawks (sucks for us - that’s a good get). Still rooting for Bleijenbergh at 56 but I kinda suspect a Luka Garza pick here.

Ok, Luka off the board, BJ too - could we pick my guy Vrenz?

Lukas been off the board a few years pal

Luka Garza my guy  

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Sandro Mamukelashvili

Nooooo! Pacers took my guy!

Aaaaannnndddd there’s the commercial right on queue

Every freaking time man. Lol It’s annoying.

Let’s just pick Alex antetokoumpo and call it a day

well damn, that’s a good pick

I don’t know anything about him. Anyone?

Mike Gribanov was high on him. BTW, I’ve been adding each players draft video to the top of each of these threads. Some good Scottie-ness up there.

Believe he projects more as a 2-way but that’s ok at 56 IMO

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And my YouTube tv took the graphic off the screen. So I didn’t see who we picked.

It took me half way through the video to figure out I needed to look him up to figure out he wasn’t from fsu.

My scouting chops are well cut.