Draft Prospects 2021

Gotta get that pick back too.

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This. I agree. Let’s see what happens. I kind of doubt he gets moved right now, but you never know

I am not talking about for retaining him, I am talking about the further development of both of them. They have such chemistry that it would be hard to imagine that duo not being killers on the court together.

Bouknight and Kai Jones just started a press conference right now if anyone wants to tune in


Bouknight #5. Monk is officially gone.

Don’t know if that’s permanent, LaMelo is changing to number 1

If Bouknight is #5 this upcoming season, Monk is gone, thats pretty much a fact.

Edit: we wouldn’t have allowed him to pick #5 if Monk was in our plans, because Malik wants that number

malik, zeller, biz…bouk,plumlee,KAI
kemba, batum…rozier, hayward
miles, PJ…MKG, marvin
Ball and 2nd round picks…Kamnsky, Lamb, and all the rest

first year all Mitch team. Not firing unless really crappy, but expecting JB team have better record than 95-124.

From Jeremy Woo at Sports Illustrated:

As long as they don’t get a bunch of ESPN and TNT games. The broadcasts are unwatchable. The local broadcast teams ALL call better games than the national games.

Just like i told you guys Kai tweeted a video two days be for the draft saying him and Gelo was going to kill it in the summer league. Another one said Zo was coming to Charlotte the same day . They even said he might sign for as little 13 million for one year . Go back and look at those links close. Like it or not i think Zo is coming hear. It is a bunch of the Ball boys videos saying he is coming hear. Go back look at the tweets and the video’s. I have no idea about Terry , . Me i like Terry much better .

Theirs one from 5 days a go

Doug, there’s one GM and it’s not Lonzo, or Kai, or Gelo. Whatever they want isn’t really in play here, that’s up to Mitch. And there’s no way I see him chancing really screwing up what is complex team building by what one family wants. If anything, having three brothers on the same team - two of which as starters - could be a severe locker room challenge.


I agree but they look as if they know what’s going down

Worked for the Bucks and Nets having brothers on the same team!

Yes, clearly a great equivalency to my point.

Per sources, the Hornets (who opted for James Bouknight, after he slid) and Thunder (who could have taken Primo at No. 16 or 18) were also quite interested. The Spurs also loved Primo and were intent on landing him.

Interesting tidbit here, everyone calling Primo an insane reach but apparently other teams in that area were interested and we were one of them. Not that this matters at all now, it’s just crazy. We all try to put together our own big boards but we are so, so out of teach with how actual teams grade out all these players. Either way, I’m definitely even happier with Bouknight now if this was one of the alternatives.

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If we sign Lonzo for 13 mil, Mitch WILL win executive of the year haha.

That would be just tremendous value

Going to go ahead and close this topic.

Note there are discrete threads for each player drafted:

And note that in honor of the Bouknight & Jones presser, typing in Mitch Kupchak will convert to "The Dude" :slight_smile: