Does anyone actually think we go into the season with all four of Monk, Graham, Rozier, and Ball?

I don’t. What about you and why?

as i said in the other thread, i think they do. i think (based on selecting 4 players in the draft) they plan to play for next year’s lottery. and i mean that in a good way.

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Yeah, just watched all the post-draft presser and JB definitely said we plan to play Rozier, Graham, and Ball together at the same time, but didn’t mention Monk.

Interestingly enough though, Kupchack mentioned bringing in a vet, and specifically said he could be a “backcourt” player, so I’m not sure what their plan is with that in mind.

Ball and Monk on the court at the same time would be incredibly explosive, and I’m not ready to give up on Monk AT ALL.


I gave up on Monk a LONG time ago.

Anyway, I expect the bulk of minutes to go to LaMelo, Devonte’, and Terry.

Monk and Miles will lose minutes.

There will be a big push for LaMelo to start and I think that Miles gets pushed to the bench before either Terry or Devonte’.

Trading Terry would solve some minutes / position problems.

So a guy at work asked how it feels to land Michael carter williams 2.0. I am pretending that can’t be a possibility


I can’t remember where I read it but I think I recall Mitch saying they want to add a Veteran SG free agent.

I don’t care because Ball is going to be a bust. And yes, I’m busting their Balls.

To be successful in the modern nba you need all 5 guys on the floor to be able to shoot from 3. I have no interest in any player regardless of position that can’t hit from deep, especially a point guard.

He’s got great vision? Great! So he can read all the analytics that emphasize the modern nba.

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I think we do but that Rozier gets moved during the season, once Ball has settled in. Keeping Terry will eat into Monk’s minutes (last chance year coming up for him) as well as Cody Martin … and Caleb too for that matter.

I like Terry but Devonte, Ball, Monk, and the Martins need time on the court to continue their development and ensure we have good odds going into next year’s lottery.

Ball was my guy and I am super pumped, his shot is weird but he showed before his season ended that if he improves his base it gets MUCH better. I’m far less worried about Lamelo’s shot than his defense and athleticism on the perimeter. I don’t really think he’ll ever be a plus defender but the play making and offensive potential is just off the charts. (MCW doesn’t have a single skill even close to Lamelo’s passing and handle IMO) I think taking some of the load off of Devonte will be good for his development as well, defenses won’t be able to dictate his action as much as they started trying to do.

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Yeah, looking at his shot compared to Lonzo’s, Melo’s is much smoother. It appears to be fluid. There isn’t a hitch that I can see, and the upper release looks smooth, but his base is what makes it look funky. I think that’s easier to fix than guys like Lonzo or MKG’s, but even both of those guys showed improvement with their shots as bad as they looked mechanically. I’m not concerned about it, I think he’ll become a really good shooter, and as you said, his playmaking and handle is already elite, and you can’t teach size.

Whereas, as has been said elsewhere, you can find FAs that do what Wiseman does, and Edwards, was what? A 29-30% shooter from 3 as a volume shooter and smaller size? We made the right pick with instant star power and the most potential.


I forgot who did this video it might’ve been the Ringer but in their analysis of Melo they looked at every three he took all season in the NBL.

Early in this season most of his shots came from the form we know, but later in the season he took alot of shots with a more traditional base. On those he shot around 40%


I think it’s very likely we do. I love the Ball pick but don’t think he’s necessarily guaranteed to start, particularly at the front end of the year. There’s no preseason of significance, no summer league, no unorganized team activities… It’s draft and training camp. I’m expecting he’ll need time to acclimate.

I dig the idea of running Ball, Tae, and Terry as well as mixing Monk into that set. That three guard line up in MEM last year was one of my favorites even if it was very few minutes. Doing the same with Ball interspersed for any one of those guys is what I’m here for.

I think we will be putting ourselves in a vulnerable position media-wise if we don’t start him. I think it is possible that he could start at SF with Miles coming off the bench.

I also think it is possible he could start at SG with Terry as our 6th man.

At the end of the day he will play 25+ mins per game so it doesn’t matter in terms of start vs. Bench but to media and Lavar it will

I can’t imagine there’s a more unimportant metric out there. I’d agree with you it would be a bad marketing move to say “he’ll be playing for the Storm until April” but there’s no chance of that anyway. Our whole development premise will be the priority, both for LaMelo and the team.

On the flip side, if you don’t make somebody earn it before they’re ready, does that start to give them a sense of entitlement? Not saying he’s that type of personality, I’m just saying if you give someone too much too early, its harder to pull things back/discipline if needed without their being extra drama.