April 2023: Bouknight Countdown

I am saying it a full year out. If James can’t get it together next season then we should ship him to Siberia, write him off as uncoachable and be done with it. I told you a week after he got drafted that he sent all the wrong vibes through the TV to the organization and fans. Turns out those bad vibes were probably what caused him to fall to us.

Okay so you were p!ssed off that you fell in the draft - okay then prove everyone who passed on you wrong. Did he do that. Nope! Clearly (against my wishes) Bouknight was looked at as potentially handling 3rd string point guard duties to get more time on the court along w his 2 guard responsibilities. That was a failure so those minutes went to I Thomas instead! Old oft injured 5-9 IT from 5 years ago because our 1st round lottery pick could not crack rotation. SMH

It is absolutely critical for James to establish himself next year to take some of the burden off of Terry. All I am asking for is 15 minutes a night. That gives Terry more rest and the team gets better.

We dicked around w Monk for 4 years no need to replay that same old movie again w Bouknight.

I think it takes about 3 years to really know what you’re getting with a player. Miles Bridges is a perfect example. Years 1 & 2 for him didn’t really show what he could do well.

Full disclosure - I think that Bouk was a wasted pick - but, honestly, his 2nd year really isn’t going to make or break him IMHO. Year 3 is when I’ll really be looking to see what is going on with him.