Hornets Signing Isaiah Thomas

Veteran guard is joining Charlotte on 10-day deal

Someone was just saying this in another thread

Can’t believe Powell isn’t in the thread already


This should take some of the garbage minutes off of Melo and Rozier at the very least. Since there are apparently no other guards in the organization to do that right now.

Lol I’m glad they are at least doing stuff this year. In the past we would have just stayed the course.

Good signing. Can’t hurt. He has been detrpying G League and coincidentally dropped over 40 on the swarm the other night

he can help with the dry spells. Looks like Bouknight is done hear after this season . He got no play last night.

Was he on the bench or even dressed? I didn’t see him.

I read he got called up with Kai. But it was no sign of him last night. IT coming in is for a reason. I think something is going on

Bouk did not play Greensboro Saturday either.
Guess Mitch could be trying to be send a message to a pain in the neck player… but don’t think this flies with NBPA and is the actual neck injury
hope not serious along with Nicks foot hurt that been keeping him dressed

Bouknight is in the doghouse and it is official

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once you get in JBs doghouse, you stay in it forever. that’s one of his biggest problems and why I think its time for him to go. We spent a high pick on Bouk… use him. Monk all over again (I say that a lot but its literally the same thing, expect I think Monk was better).

I really like the IT signing. We actually have a decent backup PG. I like him more than Ish, so its good to upgrade there. Hopefully, he will work out for us. That said, I wish he wasn’t 5 feet tall.


He’s been out with “neck soreness”, which sounds a lot like a pain in the neck to me.

I agree that Bouk is firmly in the Monk zone.

We need to not grab anymore slight wings who drop to us in the draft. Stay with the plan. Don’t take someone your head coach doesn’t want.

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Welcome IT. Not sure why it took Mitch so long to sign a PG. Weird. But that’s Mitch. Dude is deliberate to a fault.

Just a thought - I think sometimes our organization values people too much. I mean look at MKG. It was obvious after a couple of years he wasn’t going to be much more than a role player and we started him and held on way too long. And I honestly think it was because they liked him and believed in him so much.

Now it seems like we take young talented upside guys and want to teach them how to grow up and teach them a lesson before giving them playing time. Sometimes players grow up when you put them in the brightest lights and they fuck up and then get it.

I know the team is trying to make the playoffs and all that and there’s a lot of depth here, but I think at some point you gotta show some consistency with what you tell the fans and what you do. If you saw Cody Martin’s improvement over the summer and camp then tell us and tell Bouk what the damn deal is.

We used to get mad at Steve Clifford for his rigid rotations and belief in developing roles and being sure players knew where they stood. While Borrego has shown a lot more flexibility, this random whack a mole rotation stuff is frustrating for us so I know it has to be frustrating for some of the players.

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I also think that when they do actually put a rookie on the court, that they’re so paranoid that they actually tell them to go stand ready in the corner. So many times I see that, its gotta be coached.

Or get a new head coach that will actually use them. I have a feeling if Melo wasn’t as high profile as he was, the same thing would have happened to him. I’m just sick of it. He likes second rounders, more than first rounders. It seems the more talent you have, the more he hates you.


Monk’s biggest problem early on was his own attitude, and he admitted that in interviews during his final year here. He talked pretty openly about taking bad shots and not trying hard on D.

I suspect that Bouk has some of the same problems.

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I do wonder if JBs style rubs a lot of players the wrong way though. Once Monk started to figure it out, he’d still just ride the bench. I’ll be curious when we draft a center with a top 3 pick this year, If they will play.

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Man I called this months ago.



I’d argue that that was obvious as early as draft night. That one still bugs me.

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