Hornets waive Kai Jones

I couldn’t get the link to work . I think we need to sign a big and a back up point now

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Couldn’t find this posted any where else. Your thoughts on what we should do with that open roster spot. BIZ ???

Nerlens Noel maybe. He was signed and later waived by Sacramento recently so I don’t know, maybe he’s completely washed.

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Imagine paying 3m to cut a player in a spot of need (at least this year as a 3rd string break-glass 5) that you traded away a future pick for that has still not conveyed.

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It’s something that would only happen to us…. And also… we traded a lottery pick for a late first round pick.

The Hornets can’t go the no comment route on this. Mitch needs to come out and speak to the reporters about what went into the decision and how they’re helping the kid. Sure, respect privacy, but this is not a normal move.

And they have to speak about Miles situation too. Since Mitch isn’t a good speaker, they gotta get some skilled admin to speak on it. Might be too risky for new owners to stick their heads out, so I understand. But radio silence is going to be a terrible look. Take your medicine so the speculation machine doesn’t run wild.

Oh we can easily do that. We are Charlotte hornets fans

I’m glad they didn’t drag their feet on this. Get rid, try to help him get treatment and bring an adult in, like Biz, to be our 3rd string #5.

There is a far greater need to bring in someone of character than the best possible player. Biz is perfectly equipped for this. He should be signed today.

Quick summary of Mitch’s tenure. This does omit that we offered Kemba 5y / $165m and had he not been upset w/ what he felt was low, we’d still have a year & $39m on that contract I believe

Action Reaction
Fired Clifford See 2022
Drafted Kubolka Did nothing with him
Drafted SGA Traded for Bridges and right to draft Graham
Traded Howard Machinations that convert Howard into Mozgov into Biz on a whopper contract and 2019 2nd Rd Pick
Drafted Diallo Traded for Cash Considerations
Signed Parker Meh
Drafted McDaniels Good
Drafted PJ Good
Signed Caleb Good
Drafted Cody Good
Drafted LaMelo Not sure we did anything but look in our pocket for the win. The good move was not trading up for Wiseman so points there
Traded for Gordon The Batum waive and stretch and 120m for Gordo is still pricey
Drafted Carey Ok on a feeler
Traded for Richards Ok on how he’s fared but why draft Carey in the first place and why not just hold the 2024 2nd Rd Pick here
Traded picks w/ NY for Kai Odd
Drafted Bouknight Has been a wreck
Traded for Mason Got Thor in the deal but at the same time, stunted development of other bigs by bringing in Mason
Extended Borrego Good, he easily deserved it
Traded Graham For Iwundu and what would become the 2022 13th pick - dust apparently
Waived Caleb Might not look bad if not for Cody out the full year and Caleb getting the People’s Choice MVP in the Eastern Conference Finals
Signed Ish Meh
Signed KOJ Meh
Re-signed Terry 4 year $96 million contract
Fired Borrego WTF
Traded Duren Converted to Denver’s 2023 1st Rd Pick
Drafted Williams Good
Signed Atkinson Rejected Hornets offer 1 week later
Signed Clifford WTF
Signed DSJ Great signing
Signed Theo Good
Options Ball, Bouk, Jones
Draft Miller TBD
Draft Bailey TBD
Draft Nnaji TBD
Signed Bridges to QO Should we have?
Signed Ball to max extension Good
Signed Frankie Smokes WTF
Signed PJ to 3 yr contract Might bite us in the ass in the end that it’s only 3 years
Signed Sumner Good
Waived Jones Good (at this point)

Well, it’s got better the further down the timeline you look. So, there’s that.

Without hindsighting it, e.g. Bouk & Kai, the two stand out negatives for me are:

  1. The handling of Borrego. We were all calling for an experienced guy to be his number 2 and settle him down some. He was let got late into the process, and we then compounded this by taking ages to settle on Atkinson. Shambolic, even if you think Borrego wasn’t the guy. I think he deserved at one more year.

  2. The lack of value we got from the #13 pick in William’s draft. Panicked, awful GM’ing. Inexcusable.

The one I would add, as a bonus, was picking SGA and then trading down. Forget what a **** Miles is, and the player SGA has turned into, neither of which anyone could have realistically foreseen. I think we were universally applauding the SGA selection and then hand the wind knocked out of us when we exited with Miles.

The SGA → Miles is up there near the top of the table. The funny part is we got a potential win with Graham in that but then let him go for a luck draw of Duren, who we trade for a lesser pick (eventually NSJ).

When I say “waived, good at this point” on Jones, it’s not inherently good, just good with the extent it got to

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It’s the most egregious to me, too, but there is still an element of hindsight required to move it up to #1, IMHO. The knock on effects, just add to the misery.

I wasn’t ranking it, just saying it is up there in that table

So Mitch has done essentially nothing beyond a few marginal second rounders to improve the team beyond what’s dropped at his feet; and even then….

I’m out.

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The thing that stuck out to me with East’s assessment, is the bar is set so incredibly low by this franchise and us the fans.

It gets even sadder if you go back to 2005

Context paints a different picture. Who in their right mind would have come here other than Cliff? We were SOL back then. Cliff pulled our bacon out of the fire, the players love him and they just might learn a thing or two about defensive pride. There was no one else riding to the rescue.

Don’t tell me that we’ve forgotten just how dark those days were.