Miles Bridges a Hornet

3yrs 75 mill deal. Thoughts on the deal

Good. This can all be put to bed for the season.

I am hoping for two team options but one would work too. Two team options would be safer in case he cuts the fool.

Looks like we are NOT going into full tank mode after all. But I still think that we will keep our pick this year. I would NOT want to see Grant as our starting PF.

Again if we didn’t pay Miles then what in the heck would we have done w all of that money? The real difference makers have already been signed. It’s Not like many of our young players have earned renegotiated long term contracts.

Pay Miles for a year or two and then move him for an asset.

I still think full tank mode wasn’t really an option. I think a healthy team, even without Miles is better than a tanking team.

I don’t hate the deal, and at least we don’t have to suffer through another off season not knowing what we are doing with Miles. That said, still wouldn’t shock me if he was traded at some point.

One could argue that bringing back the low BBIQ inefficient Bridges would help the tank…

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Welp atm it seems the team still wants to be in no man’s land… constant state of just on the cusp of the play in… Hornets in a nutshell.

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Fully guaranteed w no options. Looks like the FO REALLY wanted Miles as they said. I hope that they didn’t give him a no trade clause.

It’s a very similar situation to when PJ was resigned last season. Looked around the league, didn’t find a market, but come the trade deadline a contender may want to pull the trigger for some nice assets to take a contract they no longer want.

It’s a smart play by Jeff Peterson and Miles gets paid. The other side is that we come together and have a surprisingly good season and make the play-in, lose, and keep our draft pick. Or we win and our young team is ahead of schedule.

I know morally some are disappointed but it’s a business guys. Let’s just hope Miles keeps his damn temper in check and focuses on ball.


I agree with this but I wish they’d give us a better idea as to whether they’re wanting to make that playoff push or keep it “lean”… If they’re going for it why draft a player at #6 who is very likely at best to be several years away from making an impact. I can’t stand always being in limbo. Let’s go for it or not. I was hoping they’d be more consistent with their decisions with this new group in charge but the water is still muddy atm. Like you said maybe they’re hoping he plays his way into some sort of trade at the deadline.

I can understand that thought Icky. But their key is sustained success. With Salaun you’d think it would take two years before he’s ready to start. In the 3rd year of Miles deal he’s a 25M expiring we can move if we need to for assets.

Also by that time we should be ready to contend, so right now I see them trying to capture assets and not over extend themselves on anything further than 3 years our contract wise besides people they see as essential to our core.

I still say the “lean years” comment by Coach Lee is compared to an NBA Finals level team. Making the play-in as a goal would be “lean years” in that thought process to me.


Like him or hate him, the team is rounding out kinda nicely on the court.

M. Williams

G. Williams

Salaun project/potential

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Guys do we really want to give the new coach and GM a dog of a team?

That is the old Hornets. Even w the roster looking nice my thought is that there is a looong way to go to get these young players on board w the coach’s vision. We still have a very real chance of ending up in the lottery especially if Melo is slow to return.

At worst, Miles is here for one maybe two years and then we get something nice in return for putting up with his antics and criminal behavior. Yeah it’s uneasy and morally questionable but its also balance between winning and running a successful business.

My biggest worries are that Miles starts his meat head routine again and/or he not a positive influence on the team. We have to cross our fingers.