Bridges verses PJ

Where do you see these guys next year .Roles Defense , Offense Position ect.
Who will be the better player
Should we keep both?

I like Miles a good bit and feels there’s potential there but think the easy money is on PJ to have the larger total value. I’m definitely keeping both of them and I’d like to see a lot more rotations with PJ at the 5 and Miles at the 4.

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With that said in your opinion should we draft another wing . Or are you good with the Martin twins playing the three

Bpa period end of sentence

I don’t mind if we keep loading up on wings, either in the early first round or wherever we pick in the 2nd. I’d prefer they come from the deeper end of the talent pool and I’ve already professed my crush on Deni. I know that most have already fallen for Wiseman but I have concerns. And not just of him personally, but of any center going in the lottery. I can’t think of one pure center that went in the lotto in the last 5-6 years that I like placing that much investment on. Wendell Carter might be the one exception and I don’t know I even love-love him in the top 10…

Chef I agree with bpa . Nice too hear from you again. But I feel we have made two really good picks in Miles and PJ both keepers
Like ZIGGY I am a little scared of Wiseman two

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Keep a look out for a Josh Jackson type wing off-season signing. A prove it type deal.