Exit Interviews: Your Thoughts?

Anything standout? Anybody impress or underwhelm you with their thoughts?

Any highlights or themes across the interviews?


Just watched a few, but may try to watch the rest tomorrow.

I watched Cliff’s and he had some good detail and insight on guys - Melo and Mark primarily. That guy is definitely a basketball lifer if nothing else.

Brandon easily the most personable and surprisingly to me Miles was pretty decent too. Melo was very defensive, obviously because he knew “ankle” and “braces” would be the main questions.

Mark was very vague and it seemed he danced around any direct replies to what actually ails him. Still concerning to me.

Mann very direct and seemed uncomfortable which is probably understandable as he had little role in the NBA before now.

This seems a good spot to discuss who we want back next year in besides the main 3-4. For me it’s Mann, Micic, Poku, Grant, Martin and Bertans. I’d probably hang onto NSJ but stay with Curry if its either/or. I also think Bolden is worth a flyer.

The rest, mainly Thor, McGowens, Bailey & Black are very expendable and in regards to the first 2 I’d rather just move on.

Bertans is gone, and if he isn’t gone now he will be by January. I would like to keep him but his contract is just one where you have to waive him or trade him. I agree with everything else

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I can see us keeping all the players we acquired via trades. Micic, Mann & Grant are clearly in our top 10 rotation (using 10 for ease of thought), while Curry is a great vet to have around, on a decent contract too. Bertans is the trade piece and could net something(s) pretty nice. Poku is worth giving an off-season to, at least.