Hornets Fan Survey

Hoping everyone can take 2-3 minutes to complete this Hornets fan survey


Finished although I wish there was a neutral option for the Number 2 pick question

Sorry James - I listen to your Podcast, but had never visited the All Hornets website. Looks good, I’ll start following it.

Some hard questions to answer with only yes or no options

Ya I’m like was Brandon the best pick? No. Do I want him to start? Yes!

For me, on draft night…. I didn’t think Miller was the right guy. But when we signed Lamelo to the huge contract and with what I saw of "It's Miller Time!", I think we chose the right guy. I really think Scoot would have confused things. Miler just fits better and that is ok.

SF Miller & C Mark going to be stars, wanted PF PJ next to them. …did draw a line at 4/70 million. But finding cheaper & quality PF not any easier next year especially as agents salivating over 2025 big money.

Said need get a PG, but must acquire player that can score.
Current opening night bench PG Frank, wing Cody, F JT Thor, C Nick. Even super inefficient scorer Oubre might get another look.

Aware some of the questions or difficult, the simple and challenging nature of “Yes” or “No” was intentional. I’m aware everyone would like to put * next to their answers, but I’m trying to challenge people to REALLY think about it

If Miller is starting and PJ is starting at the 4 then where is Miles? I see this oversight in a lot of board projections. Miles is a starter in the league - PJ is not as evidenced by his failed free agency. We haven’t signed Kelly because Miller took his bench job.

I guess PJ and Kelly are “good enough” for the Hornets but man that is not a good thing.

As much as I figured when I was taking the poll. Learned that strategy in my old political polling and analysis class - years ago! Yes - force a solid response.

Good to see you surviving the first few weeks of fatherhood!

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My apologies! I mis-read your post! I thought you type starters not stars! I usually post at about 5/6 in the mornings and it shows.

Done. On the fence for a couple.

Fresh off the press:



WOW. 78.4% of respondents are “happy Miles Bridges is back with the Hornets”.

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I’ve not published it yet but wait until you see what percentage of Hornets fans rate Miles Bridges as their second favorite player on the team…

SMH. It really does go to show that Doug and Walker (Locked on Hornets) were right to go as hard as they repeatedly did on domestic violence in sports, and the subsequent quiet acceptance in general fandom/society. Truly shocking.

We have just published Part 2!


I’m really surprised most said we didn’t need to sign a backup PG. I voted I don’t think we need to either, although, I wish we had a better one. I guess most want to use those minutes for Smith Jr, as I do as well.

And most are happy with the "It's Miller Time!" pick as well. That’s good to see.

I think the lack of a good backup PG is what is ultimately going to keep this team from making the playoffs.

I think it’s the missing piece and once again they’ve dropped the ball. I don’t think this FO has a drive to win games. I think they’re afraid to win.

The guy they signed is French and his name is Frank. Your Honor, I rest my case.

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I think we definitely need a better backup, but definitely not any room to sign one now. But I don’t absolutely hate Frank as a backup.