23 High First Round Lottery Pick

Breaking up discussion into two posts. This one for our first pick and another thread for our late first rounder.

Who you liking now outside of the Unicorn?

Who should we be paying attention to in the tournaments?

If we pick below 3, I like Dick.

  1. Miller
  2. Scoot
  3. Dick
  4. Don’t care

If we can put the off court issues aside, I have Miller ahead of Scoot in my mind at this point. He’s exactly what we need from a talent and fit perspective.

I’d love to have Scoot also but I wonder do we already have our Scoot and a perfect “starting” backcourt pairing for Melo in DSJ. He’s only 25, explosive, can distribute and is a dog on defense.

I hope we’re at least top 3 and don’t have to look any further than that but I’m still searching for who I like after them.

I agree and think it drops off a bit after the top 3 (though I always think it drops off right before our scheduled pick!). There’s bucket loads of potential from 4 downwards, but mostly you’re talking about athletes who will struggle to space the floor from the limited amount I have seen.

Keetch you taking Miller over Scoot???

Nahhhhh you draft talent all day. We can trade rozier. Scoot is guaranteed 2nd pick right now!

Ya I think so, but likely because I haven’t seen Scoot play!

Teamates charged with murder last week and got this baggage, but Miller talent looking more like the #2…even Hornets & SAS despite Miles & Primo.

IMO Scoot fallen from next best player have to pick no matter what to in the next tier player mix, only take PG here if not keeping and paying Mello.

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Dick v Smith Jr and Black

I had to look up all these guys on a mock draft. I thought Dick was nickname. Could be a goldmine for jersey sales.

I was at the gym and on the mute sports news, i saw the highlights of psu vs a&m. the psu pg caught my eye. very old school approach to pg play. pace, probe, wait for the help/rotation, find the open guy. i have no idea if he can guard, but if he can, he may be a player on an nba team

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Man, Eric Collins would be fun with Ball & Dick.


Anytime dick and ball combine for a score we should just call it a Lance Armstrong

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On second thoughts, I don’t think I’ll post my idea.

Ya I’m having regrets.

I’ve known Ricky council iv since he’s been about 4. Great kid. Played basketball with his dad and older brothers in Durham

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Ricky II and Ricky III?

Yup. I actually said to my wife, "you know anybody watching that game would think his dad was Ricky III. Nope. His dad is just Ricky.

Super nice guy. But kinda says something when you name all your sons ricky

Ricky 2 played for providence about 6-7 years ago

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Incredible story.

The Spurs won again tonight and only have 2 more losses than us. The #3 slot in the Lottery is within reach.

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The hornets should literally not win another game on purpose.

What are the % of a top 3 pick with the 3rd and 4th positions.

This is a 3 pick draft

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Our last home game of the season? Houston Rockets.

… and we play the raps twice.

I have been screaming this for months but THE PATH FORWARD IS SO CLEAR

Lose lose lose baby. To lose is to win right now.

Wins are losses and losses are wins. I could take a TINY bit of solace from the fact that Lamelo and Mark looked so good together, but we need to embracing being LOSERS for once lol.

It is the most Hornets thing in the whole wide world that in a normal season we can’t peak at the right time and get the right wins down the stretch of a season, and this season we are finally peaking at the right time LOLOL.

Seriously, tank for goodness sake.

Starting a hashtag #tankgoodness

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