And with the 37th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

Place holder for the 37th pick from DET’s trade that already brings in Mason Plumlee

Enjoy your moments of JT Thorness

This pick sounds so much nicer.

Joe Wieskamp!!!

My immediate favorite candidates: Robinson-Earl, Wieskamp, Grimes - Jalen Johnson sliding to here would be hella fun but I doubt he slides that much.

Excited for this pick! We can get an immediate rotation guy here!

I’m gonna get overly excited once the second round begins as there have been so many surprises so far I can’t begin to guess who’ll be available.

It’s 02:55 here so hopefully I’m still awake when #37 rolls around.

It would be amazing if Springer lasts this long.

Got to make it 10 picks and still on the board; Springer, Dosunmu, Cam Thomas, McBride, Jared Butler, Herb Jones, Robinson-Earl, Weieskamp, BJ Boston…

Someone is going to pick Cooper, Reaves, Sharpe so we should have some plus choices IMO.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, and last year was great, but having Kai and Bouknight before we get to the second round is just pinch myself type of information.

Boys, the upward trajectory continues on!

Sharpe, Thomas, Springer off the board, 7 picks to clear

Can we get lucky enough to get Butler?

I think I just heard Bilas say there “may be a medical issue with Butler”? Anyone know more?

There has been the heart condition right? But Chad Ford said this slide seems to not be explained by that so perhaps.

Sharif Cooper pls

Then we are set with three or guards for the foreseeable future


Robinson-Earl off the board :frowning:

So 2 more picks left before us and Cooper, Dosunmu, McBride, Jared Butler, Herb Jones, Weieskamp, BJ Boston still there to be picked.

Feels like we have another one of those pretty good placed picks for 37, seems there will be a potential high impact player there. I had no idea Cooper was still on the board. Wow if we could swing that at 37

Think the concern is at 6’1" and no gain on wingspan, there’s not a long track record of guys that have had strong success with that in the NBA. Not to say he can’t but think that plays in.

Jared Butler would be a phenomenal choice, but I fully expect something totally random lol