And with the 37th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

We need another ball handler and say bye bye to Tae and Monk

Oh yeah I remember that from a while back. He was the one that had to get clearance to get drafted right?

Ok, McBride off the board at #36 - could be my guess Dosunmu or Founding’s Cooper, or Butler albeit health stuff… Weieskamp would be cool too. Not feeling Boston personally but a lot of options.

JT Thor, nice pick. Wasn’t he in the Bouknight workout as well?

I’m OK with this. Was kind of rooting for Butler, but Thor’s fine.

And of course we were at a commercial

That’s an upside pick. Will be interesting if he pans out. Seems like very raw but a ton of upside.

Thor is a beast but wanted Coop

6’8" with a 7’3" wingspan

Damn we just left a dude that averaged 20, 5 and 5 in d1 on the board though…

Think they’ll be sign & trades?

Think by all rights Thor has huge potential but it’s very much unrealized and a gamble. He could be a very strong defensive PF/C but he’s raw as hell and will need a lot of soak time in GSO.

In the Fran Fracilla sense, he’s two years away from being two years away (just in this case he might be 1 year away from being 1 year away :)).

Thor looks pretty long. We have so much length and athleticism now. I like it.

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Keep taking front court players and one of them has to turn into something lol

Just seeing the brief profile on him, and his size and movement skills, he reminds me a lot of Luol Deng.

Who was the target when we made the trade I wonder?

Gotta admit I’m just not loving this pick. I get the appeal for sure, but how many young front court players can you have. I would have been happier with Weiskamp or Butler honestly

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I feel like we did it bc of the upside. He’s super raw, and if it works out, he could be a real player. I rather do that than to be a safe pick. We used to pick the safe lower upside guy all the time. I like what we are doing. But that’s just me.

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Just don’t understand the pick when this was available:

Givony: Sharife Cooper had a historic season, becoming the second freshman in the past 30 years – along with Trae Young – to average over 20 points and 8 rebounds. Cooper has a chance to exceed his draft slot significantly, as he’s one of the best ball-handlers in this draft, has a blazingly fast first step and simply gets anywhere he wants on the floor. Cooper’s size did not prevent him from leading college basketball in points created per game (40), showing a strong ability to create offense against high-level defenders. Cooper will remain in his hometown of Atlanta, where he’ll likely see playing time in the G League, waiting for his opportunity to prove NBA teams wrong.

Medcalf: The Milwaukee Bucks just won the NBA title with Jrue Holiday, a 6-foot-3 defensive tyrant who made 39 percent of his 3-pointers this season. Jared Butler, a 6-foot-3 guard who will turn 21 next month, led Baylor to a national title last season after making 42 percent of his 3-pointers. If he can develop into a more consistent defender – Baylor’s opponents committed turnovers on one-fourth of their possessions with Butler on the floor – and maintain his shooting stroke, he can become a high-level NBA player.

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Worse than Cody martin pick

Well, guess if playing next to Kai in Greensboro, KAI not look as raw