And with the 37th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

Who would you have taken over Cody?

For all the hate, he’s actually played some legit minutes for us, which is typically your best case scenario for a second round pick.

Like many higher than Cody, felt both martins UDFA pick ups
Mann hortontucker on list like most, but at time admiral schofield was at top if remember right…yes sucked…JB have to play monk more

Edit. Personally like many like better as in 2019. But worse pick? prob over reaction, Thor a definite draftable grade high 2nd, unlike Cody questionable very late 2nd was my opinion

Thor was projected as high as like 19th, has a solid shot and 3rd longest standing reach in the draft. I thought he was pretty good value at 37.

Has good genetics as well. But it seems like we could have been a winner at that pick with a number of guys.

I can see the undoubted potential but there were a couple of quality guards & wings on the board I’d have picked ahead of him.

Regardless, there are some great physical tools and flashes on both sides of the ball from Thor. Let’s see what he can do in Greensboro this season. We certainly have a high number of Bigs on the roster now.

I also think this pick, alongside Kai, shows Mitch values JB’s opinion, as coach has been crying out for length and rim protection. Hopefully that’s a sign JB will be with us for a while longer yet.

Watching the Introductory Presser with him on and think it’s interesting that he and his brother lived here in CLT for a month in 2018. Cool to have him back and more cool that he’s glad to be back.

Was he our target when we made the trade?

Yes, Mitch said they only made the trade because Kai was available.

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Welcome to the team officially JT!


Yesterday was Thorsday according to the Hornets, let’s hope JT isn’t too THOR after today’s practice.

**Hope I don’t get banned for that horrible attempt at humor but I accept my fate

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Haha gave me a chuckle. We are going to have so much fun with his name though.