WHO do we keep now

What players do you think we should keep next season
PJ seams to be getting more consistant . Keep or walk?
Kelly Oubre playing like our best player lately. And has inproved tons sence last season
Bridges say he wants to come back to Charlotte next season. Do we take that chance?
DSJ I think wants to come back all so. His contract shouldn’t be bad.
Ricchards is looking like a back reserve a good one.
You the gm what do you do with each player . And what do you pay them . Keep the draft in mind all so . Lets see what you guys are thinking.And who come’s up with the most and best realistic season.

Instead of just looking at our current FA group, I’m thinking in terms of stock.




And if it were me, I would not sign Bridges.

Terry needs to move into the sell pile. PJ needs to move into the sell or hold pile.

Got to give the boring answer, depends on the $s.

I want DSJ back, and I want an off-season of perimeter shooting from him. We need some toughness and D on this roster, which he brings. The fact his career has not gone smoothly means he’s likely to want to work harder. Can play him alongside LaMelo and Terry, so it makes a lot of sense.

Richards, I’m fine with bringing back. Looks like a good, long-term, back-up option for us who’s fine with that role.

We can’t bring back all three of Oubre, PJ & Miles. Two at the most. Miles is the priority, from a pure business perspective, as he’s clearly the best player. That said, if he wants a deal that ignores what he did, it becomes a hard no. PJ hasn’t done anywhere near enough to warrant a long-term, high teen contract. Oubre would be a good 6/7th man if he’d only knuckle down on D more. Most times I see a player get a free drive to our basket, Kelly is one of the two players looking at each other in bemusement.

My priority, in terms of vets, would be to bring in a starter on the Wing who’s a plus defender. We have to assume Terry remains the starting SG, though I personally wouldn’t, so we desperately need a 3&D SF who can defend, both on and off the ball, to a good level. Mikal Bridges is the mould of player I want and, if we were to luck into Wemby, I’d try very hard to trade for him.

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Svi won’t be back. Also, where does Scottie Lewis fit in if he’s able to return from injury? I would say with the swarm. I was intrigued with his potential.

Yes. I should say that my buy/sell/hold is based on market value for the contracts of the FAs

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I would like to keep Kelly he checks all the boxes for us . First he wants to be hear for the long term. And keep his family in Charlotte . Second his inprovment sence comming is vast. His defense has inproved a ton . He isn;t just a 3and D player any more He seams to get to the basket with ease now. averging 20ppg all seams like a good fit hear. Any thing under 20 milion a year seams like a fair price for a player of his skills . One more step foward and he could be a all star…

PJ at around 15 seams fair and it isn’t a lot of players with his skill set on the market next season. But he is looking for the bag and Chatlotte would have to over pay him to keep him hear. Consistant play is a problem so you not sure what we would get. Me i would let him get a offer then decide if we match it. But I don’t want to break the bank on him.

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Maybe the easier way to answer it is which free agents out there would make our team better, and are they worth more than our own free agents at the position.

Mikal is the dream prototype, not just for us, but every team. He’s also not a free agent. But I feel Cam Johnson is ripe for the picking. The Nets have too many wings with high salaries, so I don’t think they’d match an offer on him. His length and shooting would be perfect for us.

Harrison Barnes could be a good vet presence for the younger team. Kinda like a Marvin Williams player, but more skilled.

Could also look at Dillon Brooks, Bruce Brown, Gary Trent Jr., Bogdan Bogdanovich, Grant Williams, Malik Beasley, Caris Lavert.

I’d definitely want to keep DSJ, we need a bulldog defender in the backcourt with Melo. Good leader, unselfish, plays hard, and probably can get a team friendly deal. Nick is what you want in a backup, so no problem there.

So the trick is deciding who to prioritize keeping and moving between Terry, Gordon, PJ, Kelly, along with the complication of Miles, and seeing which of the “cheaper” free agents I listed are an improvement for the team.

I’d say Cam would be an improvement, Brooks or Trent would add size to the backcourt if we can move terry. Barnes if we move Gordon.

For PJ, if you were expecting more out of him, then I could see some disappointment in him. But he’s at baseline a really solid player, and he’s been much much more consistent the last couple months and rebounding better (Contract motivation!). I’d like to keep him, definitely under his $20M demand, probably won’t sign for $15, so somewhere in between maybe.

And I’m actually up on Kelly. Last year’s Kelly - no interest. This year, he’s been dedicated to attacking the basket and not jacking 3s at all costs. He’s young enough where he can keep taking steps up and getting better. Honestly, offensive talent like his isn’t always available, and we shouldn’t necessarily look to offload offensive skill like that especially since we have trouble scoring.

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Miles I think is the best player of the list . But his actions concern me even still. I might go five years at 85 million . Adding bonus money as incentives to preform better. Last his contract needs to be like the first two years guarnteed and the last three team options.

DSJ is a good sign unless he gets a break the bank offer. By that i mean nothing over seven million a year. Any thing under that we should consider. I really think his shooting will inprove this off season with a lot of work . He’s good in most other areas.
Cam I think can be had at a discount price because of the market. The kid can play.

Richards I think will get a good offer from other teams . And i don’t think we get a discount price for him. I wouldn’t go over eight for him . I have a feeling Kai is starting to get it. So he might be the way to go . Not sure.

The draft may help steer free agency. If we get Wemby then the team may be reluctant to use most of the cap space on PJ. Getting Scoot or Amen could mean saying goodbye to Oubre. Brandon Miller incoming may mean no Miles.
I’m not keen on bringing any of those big three back at the prices they want. Especially PJ

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I really like Oubre. He’s brought some real tenacity the last few games and shows he can score attacking and shooting. I’m not saying give the guy a massive pay day, but I think he’s a piece if we can make it work.

That crouch he was doing on the wing waiting for the open three that he then hit at a big moment really made me think he could be a really nice compliment to Melo over the next few seasons.

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I’ve been on the Kelly train for a while now. He’s too good of a player to let walk. I thought he was really good last year, but he’s been even better this year. It’ll probably take 20m to keep him, but players of his caliber who want to be/stay in Charlotte don’t come around all the time. I’d also like to re-sign Miles, PJ, DSJ and Nick, but of course all would need to be at the right price. Miles would need to be significantly discounted (i.e.<$20m) and I’d love for PJ to be on a similar deal to Kelly’s current contract, around 13 per. DSJ and Nick should both definitely be in the seven-figure range. Maybe 7 for Nick and 8-9 for DSJ.

We can afford to sign all of them and still be below the tax line. With a top pick this year plus Lamelo, Terry and Mark, that’s a playoff roster. We just can’t afford to overpay.

I like Oubre too (being a Jayhawk gets him props in my world), but don’t think he’s worth 20. I’d keep him on a lower deal. One guy I’m ambivalent about is Richards. I’d be giving Kai big opportunities at C right now (won’t happen - Hornets) with the hope of replacing Nick.

Kelly is my number one sign. Him and Melo in the back court would be a great back court. With a lot more size than Terry. Terry should be our sixrh man. Kellys defense has inproved tons. Right now i put him as a average defender. Until this year he was well below average.

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I am not a big PJ fan because of constancy but I would sign him at the right price. If I had to choose I think I would prefer Brandon Miller over PJ if we get the third or forth pick . The kid is going to be a all star and great in a Melo lineup. That means we have to sign Miles at the four. Again it goes back to contract.

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I do feel PJ has been more consistent of late, however he’s the guy I think we’ll have the most trouble coming to terms with. When we have our full compliment of players, PJ is a high end back up, and thus, his contract should reflect that. However, he will want to be paid like a regular starter. In all fairness, it’s somewhat hard to argue that because that’s what he’s been this year, and most of his career so far. And he’s had a break out year of sorts as a starter this year. But it’s also true that he’s really only been a starter by default, and on most playoff caliber teams, he’s a 6th man/spot starter. I don’t think we should overpay him, but I’m doubtful his camp will agree to what we would consider to be reasonable terms.