I’m stoked this season

  • We have one of the most exciting PGs in the league.
  • We have a center that teams are going to legit fear.
  • We have a PF that can shoot the 3 and take over a game.
  • We have a rookie SF that can be effective without the ball.
  • We have a dude named Thor with Go Go Gadget arms.
  • We have two veteran assets that we can trade this season to fill in gaps.
  • We have a handful of young players that show promise, one of which is a local product.

I’m ready to watch some games.


And we have Nick Smith Jr

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I’ll be happy when we cut bridges


I think the positives you rightly highlight, @dnbman, go a long way towards explaining people’s exasperations. The hardest bits, largely, have been done. We ‘just’ need a couple of complimentary players to our young core and existing vets (*the Bridges mess alters that, of course). These ought to be the easiest pieces of the puzzle to find.

We need a back-up PG, and we need an experienced, third string C. When healthy, granted that’s a huge caveat for this team, we only needed that back-up PG to round out the rotation. Then add Biz, or alternative, and we’ve rounded out our roster. Plus, as of next season, there’s only one contract on the books that most would likely want to take back, and that’s Terry, who, for all that his skillset doesn’t fit our starting core, is a good player.

The continuing situations with Bridges has thrown things off, and we’re now both in need of a vet PF, and of ownership distancing this franchise from him. But we’re not far off having a coherent roster. Colour me cautiously optimistic for our 25-26 and beyond future, though this season now looks more like one where we’re destined to be adding another early lottery talent. I’ll be eying up SGs and PFs!

It’s amazing to me, Rozier looks like he’s in the best form / shape of his life! This dude will tourch the league this year if healthy. PJ and Ball will help him stretch the defense so he can create or get open looks at 3 ball. Don’t just assume trading him is best for this franchise. We now have a tall lineup so, keeping a undersized quality 2 guard that can also play backup point guard is valuable. Pluse we know Rozier is a DAWG!!


I don’t see an issue with thinking Terry is a good player, while also thinking he isn’t a good fit.

If you had a blank sheet of paper, and could spec the ideal partner for LaMelo, one of the first, if not the very first, skillset you’d put down would be point-of-attack D. You’d also like some size and the defensive versatility that comes with that, too. That’s not to say Terry doesn’t have his strengths, or isn’t a good player. He does and is.

I really like Terry as a 6th man and fourth quarter, clutch shooter. I like the energy he brings to the group. I don’t think his contract is too bad, either. It’s just that my priority would be finding the 5th starter to fit our drafted, core grouping of LaMelo, Miller, PJ & Williams, all of whom are under contract for at least the next three years.

I agree with this. I’ve always thought the “fit” concern with Terry has been a bit overstated. Every player has their flaws, but he brings enough to the table to counter those concerns IMO. He’s our only starter under 6’7" so I don’t think we should have trouble finding defensive match ups where he isn’t overwhelmed due to his size.

Like others have said, I like Rozier. Happy to have him. More about swapping for a better fit.

I think we can be successful with him as a starter.

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Rozier is our starting SG and that isn’t changing anytime soon. We know that Mitch isn’t transactional.

We will see good Terry and we will see not so good Terry, as always.


Okay, I am super excited to see Mark’s growth, I believe that Miller will come along around January, I am hoping that Melo wears his ankle supports all season long, and I am looking for ANY of our young players to develop into regular contributors. One guy contributing- great! Two guys contributing - excellent! Three guys contributing - let’s not get carried away.

I want to see if new ownership can maximize Gordon’s expiring contract. That is the real test for them this season. Just how savvy are these new guys? We will see.


How dare you be optimistic!


Love the vibe man

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I do share in the excitement/optimism.

  1. It’s basketball season, so that’s reason enough to be excited!

  2. We have a home team to pull for. I didn’t have the Hornets during my early childhood so I don’t take that for granted, especially after already losing them once. So no matter how bad the Hornets (or Panthers) are, they’re ours and that’s very cool. Now we just need to get an expansion MLB team in Raleigh or Charlotte and I can die a happy man.

  3. I’m generally pretty glass half full so I think we’re still in play for a play-in spot if healthy. The Miles situation is a damper for sure, but still a lot to be excited about.


dnbman you tried w this thread. But as you see folks are nervous and skeptical as hell as indicated by the low response rate and outright doubts expressed on other threads.

If things are bad this season just, then I will start AGAIN w my off season Christmas wish list: a high draft pick, a healthy Melo, an acceptable backup PG, young player growth, a PF and maybe just maybe signing one or more positive, professional and winning vets. And then we can go into October 2024 w big dreams again.

Resilience is hope!


I still bee-lieve.