Post 2020-21, free agency outgoing and incoming

Trying to look at things pragmatically, if Mitch believes in JB, I can’t see us retaining Biz, Cody, or Monk. Coach seems to have low confidence in those guys so why not see what you can do positive with that roster space?

Feels to me that we can’t exit this summer without an inked-in quality center. And for me the answer is not Nick and Vernon in 2022-23. Also think we need a larger guard/forward that can attack and get to the rim making pushing Co Martin more of a break glass guy than one that sees any regular minutes.

Curious on other’s thoughts.

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Saw a rumor we tried to trade Monk for Richaun Holmes last trade deadline and Pj for Myles Turner

I would think JB is safe - though a closed door meeting about that Pacers game is happening today I’m sure.

Biz I actually wouldn’t mind as our 14th or 15th guy at the veteran minimum. We need some kind of leadership and Biz has shown that more than Cody.

I’m sure Coach would push to resign Graham - I think he has some Kyle Lowry in his game honestly - but as much as you have to build around Melo I think he has to have a clear place. We have to remember Rozier is coming up for resign soon - Monk makes more sense as insurance to resign if Terry wants to get out of here or gets overpaid somewhere.

Veteran Center, absolutely, priority one. I don’t think we’ll get draft lucky and find a big man that’s ready to start right now - though I am not opposed to drafting one.

I think we really need a knock-down shooter - they don’t have to be expensive, someone like McDermott comes to mind. We have guys that can shoot - but they all seem like they are streaky outside of Rozier. A consistent shooter goes a long way for us while these guys continue to develop their games.

The one thing consistent about the Charlotte Hornets even our best teams is a lack of depth. When we’re healthy we have that so we just need to enhance it with a veteran center ready to start and some consistent shooting off the bench.

I’d draft the best big man talent on the board and between Carey, Richards, 1st round rookie, vet big man, Biz just figure it out. If they trade that presumable mid-1st for a vet big guy I’d be fine with that too based on their scouting and such.

I guess it’s time to head over to Spotrac and see what our free agent options are. Will be back later.


Top of mind:

  1. Competent starting center, good with LaMelo. Zeller over Biz as backup if we can get him for cheap. Also I think we need to pick between Richards and Carey as 3rd center, can’t keep both.
  2. Bigger backup guard, probably one who can defend and shoot
  3. Graham over Monk. I just feel like you have to choose one and I would kind of like to keep Graham as starter level- back up guard. Can’t also lose both.
  4. If we move on from some of our end of bench guys (Martin, Biz, etc.) hopefully we can replace them with some cheap veterans with playoff experience.

I’m wondering what MJ is thinking this morning. That “effort” last night is probably most infuriating to him. How does he see the roster going forward? Does he think they can compete for championships with them? Does he see JB as a long term coach, or as a Doug Collins type, just a bridge?

I was imagining MJ at halftime last night on his 3rd 88 inch TV of the night after smashing the first two.

I bet he was pissed and embarrassed beyond belief.

Jordan loved Doug Collins that’s the ironic thing in that statement, lol. Probably why Collins was his coach when he came back to the Wizards in all honesty.

I’m sure MJ isn’t happy with last night but he’s not going to do anything rash - but I’m sure like I said earlier he’s letting JB and Mitch for that matter know that the next time we get here, you better remember what I’m telling you now - I’m sure a convo like that has happened today.

For those that care, Borrego exit interview. 24 mins. There are several players as well uploaded.

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Slick Rick Bonnell was on the radio and said his take away from Malik’s exit interview is that he’s outta here. He thinks Malik feels underused… We got some tough decisions to make. Hope we can get something decent on a sign and trade if we have to let him go.

I think this is isn’t even that coded and unlike the myriad that think this is about contract dollars, I think he wants to be where he’s going to get substantial and more importantly consistent minutes. Only guessing but feel it’s not an uneducated guess that the problem is his inconsistent minutes mirror his inconsistencies within the organization. I have a feel that if he stays, it follows a very real conversation about what he needs to do.

Between his choice and ours, I seriously doubt however he’s in a Hornet uniform again.

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Two things I appreciate about that interview with JB:

  1. Reflection starts with him: what can he do to get better.
  2. I think he’s right on the issue of identity. Even though we were up and down, at our best we played an excited brand of basketball that was very disruptive and hard to defend. Clearly, we have MUCH room for growth, but I think it’s a big step to establish what your team is about and what guys need to do to make the vision a success.
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I’ll be sad if Malik goes but damn he’s been snake bit here, and a lot of his own doing I’m sure. But for the last 2 seasons when he has gotten consistent minutes he has played very well. Then of course that snake shows up w a suspension or an injury to stop the process. I love his game and wish him well wherever he goes.

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I’ll also be sad if Cody moves on. I think he should have been our starting center this season, hands down. Small ball and Biz as backup and Carrey for injury sub. JB and I don’t agree on lineups much tho.

I didn’t like it when we drafted him (wanted Noel, who was injured I think), but he’s played hard and pretty well for the most part. He’s perfect for the pick and roll but that’s not this teams game anymore since Kemba left. Still I think Cody is well regarded in this league, better than Charlotte gives him credit for.

Honestly the guy I’d let walk is Graham, tho I can’t believe I’m betraying my fellow ‘Hawker. Sorry man. It just seemed to me that we won games when he was hurt and couldn’t play. Sad but kinda true. Without Devonte we used Rozier (or Wanamaker) at PG. Rozier was fine I thought.

I am thinking that Cody (or Biz, or Monk) will not be retained because I think the organization is at an inflection point. JB won’t play them with any consistency. If they are committed to JB for now, then there’s little value in keeping those guys here. And 2 of 3 said today in no uncertain terms that they wanted to be where they are valued. Our management might value them, but our coaching staff does not. It just seems like writing on the wall.

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Seems like it. For Monk if that is the case makes you wonder if they would even give the QO or they will rescind it. Biz is out the door for sure, dude’s washed. Small chance but still hoping for Cody but another team might overpay him idk

“LaMelo Ball sees Charlotte Hornets’ potential for next season, plans to work on his body and more over the summer.”

Sweet… so another 6’8” big… why?

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