Hornets Interested in Zach Lavine

Hmm… wondering if weird year is making Hornets less interested in draft picks than usual.

Problem is, who do we trade to get him? And if that’s picks and/or youth, what’s the point of “development?”

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First thought is Rozier and expiring money. Isn’t Lavine on a relatively spendy contract?

I have been saying this for awhile now. Roster balance is what we need to be doing now. We need a bigger guard to play the 2. Rozier I think gets traded allowing us to turn the pg position over to Graham. The Bulls along with the Kings are cap strapped and are going to be looking for ways out. If not Lavine I think we will be looking at Hield from the Kings.


I’d take either one of those cats…

I think both are still a ways from their peak.

I think we could throw them

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Going and getting Lavine is a nice sentiment, but I don’t think Charlotte has the goods to get a deal done, barring some luck on lottery night (I suppose). He’s put up numbers that took his contact from an overpay to one that’s actually a pretty palatable deal. Charlotte should still be stockpiling picks instead of cashing them in.

He’s 25 years old and a borderline all star level player, he’d fit our timeline imo. I go back and fourth if it’d be worth it though

I’m in less get this thing started mode. I don’t want the picks anymore. I want a team that is going to have a chance every night on the court with the Lakers and Bucks and give them hell. The first round pick this year needs to be sent out in my opinion. No one in this draft is going to make us playoff contention.

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I am with you Tarheel

Getting Lavine would also alienate Monk from the future of the team most likely.

That’s all well and good, but it’s another thing entirely to pull the trigger when Chicago asks for, like, Graham plus Washington and two first-rounders for Lavine. I mean, you technically could and roll out something like Rozier/Lavine/Bridges/Zeller and go find a fifth starter somewhere, but cashing everything in to chase a seven-seed isn’t necessarily wise.

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Chicago doesn’t need Graham they have Coby White. They don’t need Washington they have Lauri Markkanen. They could use Rozier maybe to help Coby White. The point for us here is we can take on more salary since we have cap space and send them less back allowing them more cap space.

Well this is what I’m talking about - trading for Lavine’s an easy decision so long as it’s for an arbitrarily low price that you set in your head (like Rozier and a first). Lavine’s 25 and just averaged 25 a night on decent efficiency, plus he’s signed for two more years after this one at under $20 million a year. You’re going to have to really make it worth Chicago’s time to get him this off-season.

If Charlotte’s trying to slap together a win-now roster out of spare parts and a first then you likely need to look at older veterans on declining teams - I bet you could get both DeRozan and Aldridge for salary filler and picks, but I don’t know that that builds toward anything other than a first-round playoff appearance.

There’s no way I’m giving them Graham and Washington. That’d be dumb for the Hornets. Granted, Zach is a VERY talented player but he would not make the team better if it had no players left for him to play with. I’m hoping they’re just looking to see what Chicago is asking for and exploring possibilities rather than looking to ditch on the rebuild.

Yea, that’s why I don’t think a deal gets done. By all means, kick the tires on a team’s asking price, but there’s just a big difference between “the Hornets have interest” and “Chicago’s having a fire sale”.

Why can’t we have both the rebuild and competitive team? Check out my GM for the off season thread.

I don’t think the Bulls have a super high asking price for Lavine. They’ve kindve been open to trading him the past two years

I mean, there’s usually a few buy-low candidates around the league that can incrementally improve the team, but Lavine isn’t going to be one of them this off-season. As an aside, the idea that Indiana is going to trade Myles Turner for Zeller just because Zeller went to IU is the kind of wishful thinking I’m talking about.

Turner for Zeller and a lottery pick isn’t that bad of a deal if you can get a cheap young piece to fit with your team and a solid backup center. It may be a stretch but things have been given away for cap space. Boogie Cousins was given away to the Kings, Drummond was given away last year for a loaf of bread and potty meat. Not saying it will happen but you never know.