And with the 11th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

Place-holder for the 11th pick, or if moved, that pick :slight_smile:

Warming up the bus here - we have 2 picks to clear and Bouknight, Moody, and Sengun all still on the board. As Dirty Harry would say, “you gotta ask yourself, are you feeling lucky?”

Don’t trade him! Better not trade him!

Welcome to the Charlotte Hornets Mr James Bouknight (and with how this night’s rolling… hope that sticks)

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Had to take him, since he fell. But I hope this doesn’t mean Monk is gone.

I cannot imagine he’s still here

He’ll probably fill Monks role, if he really takes off we can trade Terry

Same. Monk has been replaced.

Wanted Moody…. Obviously

Same but I really have come to trust Mitch and know this guy is really exciting.

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Gonzo for sure man 2020

‘Demand was off the charts’ man when he fell to 11 I bet the phone was ringing… sounds like he’s staying to me.

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Dude can freaking finish in traffic - we have a real one

James Bouknight’s NBA draft profile - ESPN Video

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And… as I firmly believe, fit does play in, not a coincidence


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Ball, Bouknight, Miles, McDaniels, PJ for a homegrown young & fun lineup!


Putting the league on notice already


that’s so weird to think about. we actually have a series of players we drafted that could play on a unit together. because for a long time, our drafts were so bad that something like that would not have been possible.


OMG I freaking LOVE that. I was hoping he was thinking WTF y’all pass on me and let me slide to 11!? So I am lit up reading that.