Draft Prospects 2021

Just realize you came back around when we could possibly draft a UCONN guy

probably just holding in emotions, his eyes looked red

Bouknight is perfect to play next to Ball! This will be one dynamic backcourt!

He thought he would go earlier and was really nervous for sure

I loved the idea of trading 11 for 16 & 18 but not with Bouknight or Moody on the board … surely …

Hey gang, you can also take #11 to the And with the 11th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select - Hornets Talk - Hornets Planet thread.

He’s sad Kemba’s not a Hornet still!

Tri-state area Hornets fan here I was familiar with him and wanted somehow to nab him. Excited! Something is brewing in Charlotte. So glad to be a season ticket holder in this point in time.

I’m cautiously optimistic about Bouknight. Now, trade back up and get Sharpe.

someone here with season tickets needs to let me borrow one some time next season! I’ll represent your seat well!


I’ve been a Hornets fan since the mid 90s when I was like 8 lol… First jersey was Mugsys… I briefly became a New Orleans Hornets fan until like 08… Then kind of stopped watching the NBA till Kemba was drafted… Always been a Hornets fan don’t really watch any NBA but the Hornets lol

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I would’ve drafted Sengun over Bouknight. Not unhappy with the pick at all. I think he’ll be great.

Bouknight averaged 25ppg vs ranked opponents

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New rumor to shoot at ya

“More than 10 teams have interest in trading for Charlotte’s guard Terry Rozier, the Daily News has learned. The Clippers and Miami Heat are among the teams that have expressed interest”


Make that GS trade and get a really good player at 14

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Moody safer but good pick here
Going to face comparison #11 monk offensive specialist, if mature enough is talented enough to start next year

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Give us Tyler Herro! A Bouknight and Herro combo as SG! Do it up!

So as we start looking at #37, a LOT of guys are still left. I want a 3-D (strong on the D) wing, what’s the general consensus? Could Keon possibly maybe slide thaaaat far?

maybe another PG

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