And with the 11th pick, the Charlotte Hornets select

That’s one of the things that stood out about him in a few interviews i saw leading up to the draft. He has an aggressive nature. Killer instinct. He just has the right attitude and approach from what I could gather. That excites me.

Won’t be bad to have him study under Terry

With that being said, this may not be a bad time to cash in on Terry

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Fingers crossed about this pick.

If Bouknight develops he could be amazing and complement LaMelo really well. In particular I like that he’s on a team with guys who all love to pass, which should open up that part of his game quite a bit.

I worry about the Monk comparison and the fact that many of the analytical models didn’t like him nearly as much as Moody.

I do see drafting him as opening up possibilities like trading Terry and letting Monk walk. With all the Terry rumors it may be an interesting summer.

But Grad, we have to acknowledge that Mitch has been very right a lot more than borderline wrong. Only real questions to me so far are last year’s double-trouble center action in the 2nd but even there, that’s still not played out yet.

The dream is that he’ll be the elite scorer to pair with LaMelo’s passing

Mostly agree. He’s been a load better than the Cho era. Still SGA haunts me. Mitch isn’t perfect.

I agree on Shai

Let’s see what Miles does over the next few years

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Shai was the practical and right move at the time to keep Kemba. That’s my story and I am sticking to it haha

I was a huge fan of both Miles & Shai that draft, but, yeah. Have loved Miles’ growth last year. Hope it continues.

Miles got kinda nice last year. I look forward to see what’s next for him.

Drafting Bouknight and Kai both indicates that the FO is very confident in it’s player development at this point though.

Well…I guess I’m back full-time then.


I wondered if another UConn draftee would bring you back full-time. Welcome back my dude.

Bouknight has already earned his first “Oh my goodness”

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We’re going to have to get Eric Collins blood pressure meds next year


We’re gonna be box-office

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Hey, it was just “coincidentally” HAHA

Guys… Eric Collins is already prepared for this!!!

Errrr. I see this was in the tweet above sorry! lol