NBA Draft Lottery Thread 😎

Not that I’m counting or anything.


All the hype only for us to fall to around the 6th pick. I can feel it.


We’re about to get a good player. Just a question of how good.


Absolutely right. Wemby would be incredible. Genuinely transformative for the franchise. But there are plenty of very good prospects to be had in the top 6 or 7 picks.

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I’m using this NFL Draft to get hype about the NBA Draft.

Sports Christmas time is here.

Is there any scenario where we would trade the no. 1 pick? A spin on tankathon had Hornets 1, and magic 2 and 4. Might that be worth doing?

Mitch said no. And it would be a tough decision but you get #1 and you stay #1 this year no doubt. He is too good and too high if ceiling, not to mention fits our team perfectly.

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I would only trade Wemby for a superstar player, but then it might not be worth the short term gains.


I’d consider it, for the right package, if we get any other draft slot. But not No.1 this year.

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I’m not sure I’d do it for anyone. The upside is just too high. Our luck, we’d get offered something amazing and then he doesn’t work out, then we get trashed for it.

MJ & FO will consider s little.

Mello maxed, want a star to play with Mello now instead of unicorn project.
A healthy Star for the Hayward $$$ wins a lot of games w/ Mello superstar.

More against than for


‘generational’ unicorn and superstar championship mythology

A players league, star wants to come to Charlotte & play with Mello instead getting Mello to their city.

But who is that star? Giannis, Anthony Davis, Embiid, Kawhi, Dame?
I wouldn’t want KAT or Gobert, or a soft “superstar”.

Go get Kris Middleton for 35m a year Mitch!

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I’d at least listen for Dame. Embiid is the best of the ones you listed, but I think we’d have to change up too many things to make it a no brainer. Dame on the other hand could fit perfectly with a lot of what we have, and we could likely get the missing pieces by trading Rozier and one or two other pieces.

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I don’t even need Wemby just get us a top 3 pick and I’m jumping for joy

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Maybe we could offer 50m per year for Vucevich.

Oooh, Mitch get after DLo! 32m a year should get him. 5 -year contract would be perfect. Make it 6 years even with max raises.

This mornings spins

  1. 4
  2. 6
  3. 3
  4. 1
  5. 1
  6. 2
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Nice Chef. Thats good spins