Re-sign and bring back Biz?

Do you all think we should re-sign Bismack Biyombo ? I guess he’s worth about $3 million per year.

Will have to see where the chips fall, as a 15th man I like him

Biz is great teammate and a good player to have. I hope so.

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Would prefer keeping him as an assistant coach honestly

As long as he doesn’t play. I love him and would like him as a team guy, but no or very few minutes

I didn’t seem possible but I think he’s actually regressed! Surely that ship has sailed and we won’t have the space to carry him on the roster.

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Exactly. He’s a good team guy but I keep seeing people talking about trading guys like Hayward and Terry and moving on from Monk/Graham. We have to upgrade at Center.

Biz as your 3rd center is fine. Biz as your starter is not. He’s a great guy and I wouldn’t mind him back now … but the team has a lot invested in potential centers with Nick, Vernon, Kai, & Plumdog Millionaire.