The Buyout Market Thread

Welp looks like we didn’t find a trade.

I know center is where we need help but I could also see us picking up a backup point guard

2 minutes left, anything can happen…

but yeah, no need to use assets to overpay, might as well see what we can buy from the bargain bin

No way Drummond or Aldridge signs with us over the Lakers/Heat. I still can’t believe we did not address our glaring deficiency. Oh well.

Ha, I was right - those 2 beautiful minutes allowed us enough time to outmaneuver the competition for our target.

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I thought the deadline was done us in reality it was the buyout market

I do still think they’ll get some kind of cheap center to try out, I assume we’ll cut one of the G-Leaguers to get space.

Still crossing my fingers that we would get C help on the buyout market. Might make need to cut someone though to make space. It just doesn’t make sense not to do it

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I really doubt we’re players in the buyout game. If we had confidence there, I doubt we’d have picked up Brad.

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Yeah I’m just trying to make sense of our inaction on our C situation. But then again they know better so :man_shrugging:t3:

@Chef were getting closer to making your dream a reality

Great googly moogly.

At least it wasn’t a trade. As a ONE year buyout guy, sure. I will just have to ffwd whenever he is in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*Chef fast forwarding Drummond, only to get to Biz

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I really don’t understand why the knicks want him

I agree, he seems like an odd fit there. I think he’s the perfect plug and play buyout candidate for us though. Gives us a chance to assess the fit without costing us anything of significance. Hard to imagine he doesn’t end up in LA though.

I guess that’s what he’s weighing up.

Chance at a ring in LA or playing decent minutes here and getting himself in the shop window for free agency - He’s only 27 so he’ll be wanting a decent contract in the Summer so perhaps not entirely unrealistic.

I think we need to get away from the presumption that LAL is a ring dispensary this year. AD has been out a long while and LeBron is due out 4-6 weeks w/ the high ankle sprain. There’s no guarantee they make the playoffs w/out a play-in and that’s playing with some shaky odds regardless of talent. I’d read their lack of play yesterday as indicative they aren’t feeling themselves at this time.

I don’t disagree on LAL, but I’m just as concerned that he may see the Clips as a more viable pathway to a ring given the Lakers’ wounded status. I just think he’ll likely end up in LA one way or the other.


Agreed - but hypothetically if he wants the best shot at a ring, then both the LA teams would still be a better proposition than us and the Knicks and based on the first half of the season the Celtics too.

I think the Lakers will be fine come the playoffs but for Drummond it’ll come down to

Chasing a ring in LAC, LAL

Chasing money in New York

Chasing playing time and opportunities here