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This looks great! I think getting Montrezl and (IT) for Ish and VCJ was a great move by Mitch. I believe Ish is better than IT in the current day, but given how low minutes either of them play, it is not a big deal.

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Congrats to IT well deserved

You may well be right on this. I do think players, like Monk, who admit to having been immature and unprofessional should be held to account. BUT … is JB so old school that there’s no way back for a player who displays this attitude? I don’t know the answer, but it is a valid point to raise.

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Besides a drug using idiot we gave chances to again and again and Howard, insiders who are these players JB might have made Mitch cut and old schooled out of Charlotte for bad behavior? A lot of Cho/Cliff players let go, but IMO more out with old than having a bunch of guys around with an ugly attitude.

Mitch guys who JB may have made Mitch get rid of a small sample size and none stand out to me.

I think you raise a good question when asking, is there no way back for a young guy who makes mistakes early in his career. Monk was only like 19 when he came into the league so it’s really no surprise that he was a bit immature and unprofessional.

Fairly or unfairly, how long of a leash a guy gets really comes down to how good he is. An old coach I knew used to say, you have to be better than your problems. I think Monk, while talented, wasn’t viewed as being good enough to be worth the trouble and continued investment. However I think he can find his way back, and it appears maybe he has given how he’s performed this year in LA. I wish him the best and hope he’s able to put the missteps of those early years behind him.

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Agree 100% with this. Will add…

An element to this beyond the player’s age is that it’s $5-8 million a year when you are talking about mid-late lotto picks. That might make for very limited number of screw ups. Compare that to a $950k-1.5m 2nd rounder or UFA and they might get more allowances. Probably not many more… but those guys are also normally more aged too so it’s potentially a lot of apron.